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Ever since came on the scene in early 1995, followed soon after by eHarmony in 1998, online dating has redefined the entire dating world.  According to the 2010 survey How Couples Meet and Stay Together, “23 percent of the couples in the U.S. who met in the two years from 2007 to 2009 met online. More people meet online now than meet through school, work, church, bars, parties, etc.”

Here are some of the reasons why online dating works to your benefit…

1. Automatic Filter

By filling out a profile of age, weight and height (all optional of course), and other physical descriptions, you automatically have the advantage to look for you type, rather than spending endless nights out with no acceptable suitor in site!  According to Dr. Jennifer Gibbs, author of the Online Dating Industry Journal,  “when you meet someone face to face you might not know exactly how old they are, but online you might develop these stringent criteria, like ‘if you’re 35, I’ll date you, but if you’re 36, forget it’.”  Online dating caters to your every want, no matter how specific it may be.

2. You’re In Control

Unlike social situations or random meetings, online dating allows you to search in the comfort of your own home, when you feel like finding a match.  Have you ever heard the phrase “you’ll find your match when you least expect it?”  Well maybe you were standing next to your soul mate but a sour mood or terrible timing disturbed the love connection.  You are probably not always 100% “on” and ready to mingle.  However, when you log into your online dating account you have already made the decision that you want to find a great guy, and are open to the possibilities.

3. It’s Fast and Easy

Online dating helps people find their ideal partners in a much faster and easier way than traditional methods. When we are looking for that perfect car or house, we go in with a checklist of ideals and must-haves, before we make the decision to buy.  Just like this, online dating provides several physical appearances, interests, beliefs and personality trait checklists to create your perfect match.  Creating your profile takes much less time than getting in the shower, doing your hair and perfecting your make-up and ensemble.  Creating a profile is quick and painless and helps narrow down your likes and dislikes faster than you can say, “I do”!

4. Write What You Want

In your profile, you share only what you feel comfortable sharing. No dumb questions to answer, no embarrassing questionnaires to fill out, no 160-character maximum. Show your true colors, exactly how you want them to be shown.  Outside of online dating, some interactions might not highlight all of your great traits.  Let’s say you meet a great guy but you are in a hurry at the supermarket and end up putting off a negative image of yourself.  Online dating allows you to present all of the great aspects of yourself, with no time limit or hurried life to get in the way.

5.  Control Your Presentation                                 

Yes, this does mean that you can find the prettiest picture of yourself or most flattering angle, but do you really want to walk into that restaurant to a disappointed man?  Or worse, what if you were expecting a stallion but instead had a steed walking towards you?  Post a picture that flatters you, but does not make you look like a different person. Beware of falling into the idealistic trap of what you think you look like, or how great you think your personality is.  It might help to get a friend’s honest advice about your qualities as to not present yourself in a false light. Remember, you are trying to find a man that will love you forever, flaws and all.

6. More Choices

Online dating helps cut out wasted time and energy in the real world dating game, and brings together all of your options in the cyber world. For most people the lack of choice comes from being in a big city or new town and not getting introduced to the right person. Even if you have a good selection of friends, finding love can be difficult. Friends don’t always want to risk good friendships by going on dates together and singles often feel uncomfortable going out in groups when it feels like everyone else is a couple.  With just a few clicks, you are presented with a wide selection of eligible suitors specific to your liking.  In fact, he 20 most popular dating sites this year concentrate on specific groups and allow users to hone in on desired individuals according to race, religion or sexual orientation.  They include JDate (for Jewish singles), Christian Mingle,, (for homosexuals), Love From India, Black Christian People Meet, Amigos (for Latino singles), Asian People Meet, and Shaadi (for Indian singles).

7. You Set The Pace

When interactions are performed online, instead of in person, you have a long time to think about any responses or plans you would like to make with an individual.  When you get messages in your inbox, and you will get messages, you can reply right away, or mill it over for a bit.  In person, often it can be awkward to flat out tell a guy “no” or you might feel pressured by your group of friends to “just go for it!” even if deep down you are not feeling it.  When it comes to online dating, nobody can rush you.

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