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A busy woman like you needs a way to stay fit and healthy but there doesn’t always seem to be enough hours in the day to make it happen. Gyms aren’t as convenient as you need them to be and just end up being a waste of money. Plus, after going to work, taking care of the kids, cleaning up and trying to enjoy life–who really wants to spend precious down time squatting, crunching and sweating?

Here’s a secret gyms don’t want you to know: you don’t need to “work out” to stay in shape. If you’re happy with your figure and just want to keep the good times rolling all you need to do is

two things: (1) maintain a smart and healthy diet and, (2) fully and naturally use your body throughout the day.

Here’s a few quick tips to get started:

Drink Seltzer Instead

Stealthy, sugar-packed drinks pile the calories far beyond your daily allotment in a few sips. Super-sized portions of soda and fruity drinks barely refresh the palette and put more junk in your trunk, and everywhere else, than you ever intend to. Water is ideal, but it’s also bland and can send you craving for juicy juice.

But seltzer is water’s sex in the city cousin. Infused with CO2, plain-ol’ water sparkles on your tongue. The sensation is more satiating than sugar and has zero dietary drawbacks. There’s a myth out there that seltzer is something “other” than carbonated water. The truth is, it’s just water infused with air bubbles. It also works great in cocktails.

Lush tip: Order your favorite fruity liquor/liqueur with seltzer.

Be An Elevator Snob

What is wrong with those people who take the elevator from the lobby to the 1st floor? That is just %$#@! lazy. They should take the stairs and if you’re a healthy person, so should you. Ditto for those of you riding the escalator like it’s a Disneyland attraction.

A few minutes of stair climbing works your thighs, calves, buns–basically your entire lower body. Ever had to catch your breath after scaling a flight of stairs? That’s because it’s also great cardio. Don’t hold your breath on the climb. Inhale and exhale strong and long. Give yourself an extra ten minutes to get to work and get a few flights of stairs in.


Throw on some athletic shoes the next time you go out to spend silly money. Map out your plan of attack, then snub cabs and public transportation by walking on your shopping spree. Ten blocks, twenty blocks–100! It doesn’t matter, whatever you feel comfortable doing. Just make sure you’re going out of your way. Vary your pace and keep your stride lively. You’ll be staying fit and taking care of errands without breaking a sweat.


When you sleep, the body is on autopilot. You take deeper breaths because your unconscious brain is in tune with what your body needs for optimal performance. The conscious mind is less savvy in this area and you’ll often catch your self breathing unnaturally shallow.

Use a few minutes right before bed or in the morning for breathing and stretching. Fill those lungs like you were born to breath and stretch the overused muscles connected to the ones you forgot you had. Do it often enough and you’ll be amazed how quickly those surprise headaches and stress filled muscles disappear.

Keep Your Mind on Fun

If you’ve committed to an exercise routine, one of the biggest hurdles you’ll face is boredom. Your body works better when you’re not over thinking the activity (this is what athletes call, “the zone”) and there’s no better distraction than fun. That’s why time flies when you’re having a good time. Whether you’re out for a run or on in the living room doing crunches, keep your mind on fun rather than the muscle-burning chore. Here’s a few tips:

  •  Mix skipping in with you’re run. You’ll LOL over the fact that you’re skipping like a kid again and really burn those calves.
  •   Sing the alphabet (or anything) during your routine. For extra kicks, make it a hip hop rendition or go full Glee.
  •   Got iPod? Any music player will do. As long as the tunes are poppin’ and get you amped.

HES Your Body

The body becomes sedentary throughout your weekly routines when stand, walk and sit encompasses your entire range of motion. Muscles you never use marinate so long they get soggy. Keep your figure tight with HES, Hop-Extend-Squat (pronounced like h-e-s-s).

HES isn’t a workout, it’s a lifestyle. Also just a few simple gestures that expand your range of motion to engage and tighten important muscle groups. You’ll also dramatically decrease pesky little joint aches. How does it work?

However you need it to!

Hop into the kitchen or off that last step. Watch those toes! Extend to reach that top shelf or that pen across your desk. Rather than crash landing, Squat into your seat with control, or get some good thigh burn as you strap those shoes on. Keep that back straight! HES for life and keep your body’s muscles alive all while doing nothing out of the odinary.

Don’t Wait Until Your Hungry

Your metabolism regulates how your body uses nutrients based on your intake. It works slower when you eat less often, to spread out the intake. It also speeds up when it’s got a constant supply of nutrients. Keep your metabolism burning fat and calories by eating smaller meals more often. Rather than three “I can’t wait to eat” meals, spread out your intake to five “It’s time to eat something” snacks. Don’t wait until you get hungry to eat. Throw in a few pieces of fruit between breakfast and lunch, plus a healthy snack before dinner.

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