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November 8, 2011  |  

Dear Cathy,

I definitely sympathize with you in caring for the hair of your daughters. Using products designed especially for children is good, because they tend to be gentler. Most natural hair care products fall into this category of gentler. Curls has a product line designed especially for children that I highly recommend.

Kinky hair thrives best by being moisturized and then put into styles that can be left alone for days or weeks at a time. In other words, less (combing, brushing, shampooing) is more. This is why our ancestors in their infinite knowledge came up with creative hairstyles that can be left alone for weeks and still look good. Therefore, I would not recommend going forward with brushing your daughter’s hair nightly. Brushing tightly coiled hair can cause a lot of tearing and breakage, especially if the hair is not wet. Instead, put her hair in a simple style that can be left like that for days. Or just shampoo with a gentle or daily shampoo, condition, oil, use a styling cream and just let her hair be.

Since you mentioned your baby’s hair being very dry, I would recommend using oils with a little more body, like castor oil in addition to the olive oil that you are currently using. Castor oil is very rich and helps to prevent breakage, deeply conditions and moisturizes the hair and scalp, and assists in the hair’s ability to hold moisture, as well as helping the hair to become thicker. All of the Anu Essentials line of natural hair oils contain a high quality and percentage of castor oil in them.

In terms of your five year old, it seems you’re taking her to a salon that knows how to care for her hair. That means you have less to do to her hair and the rest from the daily grooming of her hair is probably giving her hair the opportunity to thrive.

All the best Cathy! I hope this has been helpful.

Anu Prestonia
Natural Hair Care Expert

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