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We know you are probably tired of the stream of news oozing from the truncated amputation of the Kris Humphries-Kim Kardashian marriage, but the details of this dramedy just keep getting better. This morning folks are buzzing over Kris Jenner’s claims that Kim and the rest of the Kardashian family “did not make a dime” off of her wedding to Kris Humphries.  Not even a dime? Really? Our sister site in celebrity gossip Necole Bitchie has this to say about this somewhat unbelievable assertion:

In the ‘side eye of the day’ files, Kim Kardashian’s mother Kris Jenner has been doing a radio tour to clear up any misconceptions about Kim’s recent divorce announcement while ironically promoting a book of her own titled ‘Kris Jenner And All Things Kardashian’. She stopped by The Sway In The Morning Show this morning and in an attempt to do damage control, she claims Kim didn’t make a dime off of her two part series and extravagant wedding despite reports that said Kim made at least 17 million. Not one dime? Riiiight.

Yeah, that is pretty unbelievable. Here is what Kris has been saying to the press:

I think that the misconception that is so annoying in the media and the press is that the wedding was a sham and she did it for the money. Kim didn’t make any money off of this wedding. It’s like “Oh, you made $18 million!” She didn’t make five cents off of the wedding. She spent millions of dollars of her own money on the wedding and our network was very generous and filmed the show and obviously gave her a salary and all of us shoot fees and all that. But it’s not like we walked away with millions of dollars jingling in our pockets. Absolutely not! So the people that write this stuff, it’s absolutely ridiculous. I read the cover of the New York Post this morning and somebody wrote all of these things that are so far from the truth. It’s absolutely someone’s opinion and I guess they’re entitled to their opinion but what angers me so much is when people print things and then everyone thinks “Oh, that’s a fact or that’s real.” It couldn’t be further from the truth. So get your facts straight and stop being so judgmental is what I say to all the naysayers.

It’s tough when you have all the haters that have this license to say whatever they like on the internet and people don’t know the facts. Get your facts straight people before you start judging. Worry about your own life before you start judging and making comments on something you know nothing about until you do your research.

While that is true, and all well and good, numbers are numbers. It is pretty hard to deny at this point that the Kardashian family (and Ryan Seacrest, the producer of their shows) made millions just off the selling of the photos of the wedding and the rights to film the wedding alone. Not to mention the steep discounts and comps given to the couple to plan their marvelous fete. But it’s not just the waste of time, energy and other people’s money for a wedding that likely enriched the Kardashians that has Kris Jenner scrambling to preserve her daughter’s reputation.

Quite frankly, it is the sad, sad state of Kris Humphries. While Kim and her sister Klhoe jetted off to Australia a mere hours after the eldest sister filed for divorce to promote their handbag line, poor Humphries has noticeably retreated to lick his wounds. Kim’s divorce filing took him totally by surprise, and while her statement about it ends with the proverbial, “we will remain friends,” Kris Humphries’ statement sounds alarmingly wounded: “I love my wife and am devastated to learn she filed for divorce.” Goodness. How could Kim do this to the man?

More than faking a wedding or even getting married just for profit, the thought that Kim Kardashian could be so cold as to divorce her husband and make a public statement without even telling him in private first comes off as straight sociopathic. I am not saying Kim is actually crazy. Who knows? But who would do such a thing? Couldn’t she at least have given him a phone call warning before telling the whole world she was going to dump him?

The way Kim treated Kris was worse than cold. Kris Jenner is trying to keep the world from perceiving her daughter’s capacity for borderline evil. And apparently, Humphries is so sweet and loving that he and his family are hoping he can get her back. What!?!

Run, Kris, run!!! Anyone who would do you that dirty in full public view will never have your best interests at heart. Kris Jenner might be able to convince the public that Kim did not marry Humphries for all the money she could make off the wedding. But can Big Mama Jenner convince us that Kim’s actions towards Kris were not completely cowardly, callous and selfish?

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