Celebrity Role Models That Need To Have A Seat

November 3, 2011  |  
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When I was growing up in the late 80’s we had decent role models to look up to. Whether we wanted to be like Mike or Cliff Huxtable we had some decent folks to idolize. Nowadays what do the kids have, skinny jean wearing cokeheads telling them to do anything and everyone. Here are a couple of self-proclaimed role models who need to take a seat.

Nicki Minaj
I’m not really feeling the Barbz movement. Aside from the fact that Nicki is oversexed, she’s got young girls and grown women doing some of the dumbest ish out here. Dying their hair pink, experimenting with girls. I’m all for girls who like girls but not folks who are just jumping on any and every bandwagon.

Lil Wayne
Another Young Money Camp representative who has to chill is that Weezy F. Baby. Weezy’s out here wearing women’s jeggings at 30yrs old all the while claiming to be a gang member. You’re rich Wayne! Buy some pants that fit and cut the gang affiliations out. I sat through your painful 30 minute PSA an I wonder how in the hell your friends understand you. When he talks it makes absolutely no sense. To top it off, Lil Wayne is of the school of thought that you lay your seed around in every woman possible and Lord knows we don’t need any more black men thinking it’s alright to just knock women up.

Shaquile O’Neal

Shaq Diesel is on this list for two reasons: 1. He is the reason we have Shaunie O’Neal and we all know that she’s on a mission to destroy black women via that horrid show Basketball Wives 2. He’s a captain save-a-ho. Shaunie is self-explanatory but Shaq and his saving ho ways has got to stop. He was tricking on Karrine “Superhead” Steffans heavy back in the late 90’s/early 2000’s but most recently he went and made Hoopz, Flavor Flav’s old jawn, a housewife. Does Shaq need a hug or something? Because his choice in women is something to marvel at. You can have anybody’s leftovers, anybody, but not Flavor Flav — that’s just nasty.


Thanks for making it cool for men to show their emotional side; but, am I the only one who gets tired of Drake whining about being rich and famous? I was listening to one of Wheelchair Jimmy’s songs the other day and I was blown away at how depressed this guy sounds. Hey Drake, you asked for the fame so please stop complaining about it to us in your songs.

Kim Kardashian

In honor of Kimmy’s scam wedding I went and downloaded that sextape that made her famous again. I love Russell Simmons like the rest of the world but he’s gotta stop bigging up Kim Kardashian like she’s Mother Teresa. We can already see the effects of Kim K on the little girls taping their sexual favors hoping to get noticed by someone. I’m with Barry on this one, no Kardashian TV allowed in my house.

Lady Gaga

Last but certainly not least, Lady Gaga must get the hell out of town. I’m all for her supporting the LGBTQ community. There aren’t enough celebrities who bring to light the issues that are affecting our gay brothers and sisters; but her fashion sense alone, is reason enough to get her outta here. She came to an awards show as an egg. An egg yo?!? Doesn’t that get the Ed Lover c’mon son face? She’s out here wearing meat dresses and don’t forget she was a better man than any woman I’ve ever seen. She calls it fashion. I call it a hot mess. Gaga has to chill!

Who are some faux celebrity role models that we missed?

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