Splitsville: 7 Celeb Couples Who Divorced in Record Time

November 2, 2011  |  
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On Monday, news broke about Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ split after a two and a half month union–72 days to be exact. In the divorce filing Queen Kim stated, “irreconcilable differences,” which we take to mean that the “Kim and Kris” reality show hasn’t been picked up by a major network as she hoped.

While ridiculously short, Kim’s sideshow marriage does its part to keep the divorce rate in America healthy. As far as celebrity couples go, this frivolous marriage comes from a long line of highly publicized weddings that are ultimately a waste of everyones time.

Fortunately celebrity couples heading to splitsville make wasting time quite entertaining. And believe it or not, Kim and Kris don’t have the shortest marriage in recent history. In honor of Kim Kardashian’s pending divorce, here are 7 celebrity marriages that failed just as quickly:

Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra

Married: 9 days

It was an odd matching for this 90s couple. Carmen Electra, the Prince-video-vixen turned actress and Dennis Rodman, who’s multicolored hair, disturbing piercings and wild antics dominated NBA personalities, had quite a short union. The Hot pair got hitched in Vegas in November of 1998 but alas, it was not to be. Rodman and Electra split with an annulment nine days after the wedding.

Britney Spears and Jason Alexander

Married: 2.3 days

Before there was K-Fed, there was Jason Alexander, childhood friend of Britney Spears and her first ex-husband. Some say overexposure to Alexander is what sent the pop princess spiraling down a long, bald-headed track to rehab. Whether that’s true or not, it’s almost a certainty that Spears and Alexander were high on something when they decided to get hitched in Vegas. Three days later, the pop princess was a divorcee and well on her way to mistake number two–Kevin Federline.

 Mario Lopez and Ali Landry

Married: 18 days

Saved by the Bell star, Mario Lopez wed actress Ali Landry back in 2004. Soon after, Ali learned about Mario’s side chicks at some time during the six years they dated. Within two weeks, this otherwise hopeful couple went straight to splitsville.

Jennifer Lopez and Chriss Judd

Split time: 270 days

We love J-Lo but for some reason, she can’t keep a husband, but it isn’t for her lack of trying. Long before her current troubles with Mark Anthony, the former In Living Color “fly girl” wedded back up stage dancer Chris Judd in 2001. Nine months later in June of 2002, J-Lo was suddenly involved in a very public relationship with Ben Affleck. She danced it in Judd’s face for a while and was finally divorced in 2003.

Nicolas Cage and Lisa Marie Presley

Married: 107 days


Lisa Marie seems to have a knack for marrying rich and famous dudes and divorcing them as soon as possible. Who can forget her bizarre union with Michael Jackson in the mid-90s. But even that lasted longer than her marriage to national treasure, Nic Cage. The couple dated nearly two years before tying the knot in 2002. About 3 months later, marriage didn’t seem like the right role for Cage and Presley.

Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson

Married: 122 days

Pam Anderson, the celebrity who’s sex video pioneered the way for the likes of Kim Kardashian married to hip hop rocker Kid Rock in 2006. It had all the makings of a long lasting union. He wore a white Tee and baseball cap. She wore a white string bikini. The yacht where the ceremony was held overflowed with expensive liquor. Four months later Kid Rocked Pam to the courthouse for divorce.

The Dream and Christina Milian

Married: 90 days

Admittedly, Christina Milian’s marriage to falsetto singing, The Dream, had good intentions. The hip hop-pop couple eloped on September 4th of 2009 just so they could announce that their daughter Violet, would no be born out of wedlock. But even a bundle of joy couldn’t keep this dream wedding going. Three months later the couple separated.

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