Why You Need To Make Girls Trips A Priority

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Have you been saying no to the girls’ trips your friends have been planning for years, because you spent all your vacation money on trips with your partner? Or because you just couldn’t (or didn’t want to) put aside the time to go? Maybe you’re a little codependent on your boyfriend or spouse and feared the idea of traveling without him. Whatever your reason for opting out of girls trips it’s a bad reason. Sorry—but it is! You need to make room for girls’ trips in your life, no matter what age you are. Your friends were there for you before your partner came into your life, so be there for them, even though you’re wifey’d up now. And if you’re single, girls’ trips are especially important so you can be reminded how many loving relationships you have in your life. Here is why you need to make girls’ trips a priority.

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You get to have a sleepover

When else do you get to have a good old-fashioned sleepover with your friends? Whether you all share a hotel room or an AirBnb, you’ll get in your pajamas together and lay around chatting about everything and nothing until you fall asleep. You know you have some of your best chats past midnight, curled up in your comforter.





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There are no clocks

Something about not having to watch the clock helps you really connect with people. If you meet for lunch in the city, you’re always aware of the time. You always need to get home by a certain hour to make dinner or go to bed early. You can’t fully invest in the interaction because your brain is 20 percent on the clock. On girls’ trips, the only time you have to be aware of is when the breakfast buffet closes.




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You’re removed from responsibilities

Responsibilities are another thing that prevents you from fully engaging in your interactions with your friends. There’s always an email you could send or a text you could reply to or a bill you could pay. When you travel, you’re removed from all the surface things in your life and you’re left with just you—who you are, at your core, without your job or house or anything else. And when it’s just you, you can really reconnect with your friends.


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The conversation can wander

When you go on a trip together, some of the best conversations happen when you’re just driving in the car, making coffee in the room, waiting in line for the museum, or doing something seemingly mundane. You get a lot of downtime to just let your conversation wander. And that’s when you find yourself in some much-needed conversations you didn’t even know you needed to have.





Traveling helps you open up

When you’re geographically far away from your life, you allow yourself to access parts of your brain—concerns, worries, fears, and hopes—that you don’t get to access back in your busy life. You probably have some things you really need to talk to a girlfriend about, that you didn’t even realize were hiding in your subconscious. But they feel free to come out when you’re in a new place.





You can experience new things together

When you experience new things with people—from food to music to activities—you bond. You activate parts of your brain when you take in new information, and if your friends are activating those parts of their brain at the same time, you feel more connected.





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One day, they could be all you have

Not to get too dark here but, your significant other won’t live forever. Or, perhaps you’ll get a divorce. Or, maybe your partner will have to move back home for a year to take care of his sick parent. The point is that one day, you may really need your friends around. So stay connected any way you can.

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Your partner wants the place to himself

Real talk: your partner probably wants the place to himself! He can make the gross foods you don’t want to eat (let alone smell), watch the shows you hate, have his friends over to talk about things that bore you and just do his thing. If you take a girls’ trip, he’ll probably return the favor and take a boys’ trip, leaving you the place.

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Distance makes the heart grow fonder

You’ll come back from your trip so excited to see your significant other! If you live together, there’s a good chance you’re around too much. Taking a trip without him will just renew your affection and enthusiasm for him.

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You can take trips your man doesn’t want to

Admit it: you tend to compromise when it comes to planning vacations with your partner. But you have some trips you’d really like to go on that your partner would never go on. Like that cruise that has different Broadway-themed cabarets every night. But I bet your girlfriends would love to go!





Getting ready together is the best

You haven’t had the chance to spend hours getting ready together, picking out outfits, watching makeup tutorials, and drinking cocktails since college! When you travel together, you get to get ready together. And you know that’s fun.






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Several days of girl talk is amazing

When there are no men around, you can have girl talk. Anyone who tells you girl talk isn’t real, or that women talk about the same things when they’re together as they do when they’re with men, is lying. Or, honestly, could use some girl talk!







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You get a great hormonal boost

You get a boost of mood-enhancing hormones when you spend time with your close friends. Women, in particular, need higher levels of these hormones to feel happy than men do. So you really do, biologically, need a girls’ trip.






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Taking the time shows that you care

Putting aside the time to do a girls’ trip shows your friends how much they mean to you. They deserve more than a happy hour, or a rushed mid-week lunch, or a Saturday morning power walk. You show people you care by making time for them.






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Spending the money shows that you care

Putting a little money into a girls’ trip also shows your friends that they’re a top priority. Some women just spend all of their disposable income on things for themselves, like massages or personal trainers. Or, they spend it all on trips with their partner. Putting aside a little money for a girls’ trip tells your female friends how much they mean to you.

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