10 Signs It’s Time To Look For A New Job

October 12, 2017  |  
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As much as we hate to admit it, gone are the days when people stay at a company for decade after decade. While sometimes you do find these professional unicorns who weather all manners of storm to clock in an impressive stint at one company, more often than not we are forced to bounce around from job to job to ultimately progress our careers. But sometimes the most challenging part of that process is figuring out when, in fact, it’s time to take our talents elsewhere. If you think you might be at that point, here are some signs that it might be time to find a new gig.

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Your Co-workers Really Get On Your Nerves

Look, we know there is always Sharon in Accounting who drives you through the roof. On any given day you’re about 2 minutes away from unleashing an epic pop-off that would make even HR blush. But when the majority of people around you are starting to get on your nerves it might be time to keep your options open. That’s not to say that you should run for the hills just because of a dust-up or two with a coworker, but given how many hours you spend with these people, hating all or the majority of them doesn’t make for a pleasant work environment.

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You Don’t Get The Recognition You Deserve

This might be one of the most frustrating incidents. You’ve slaved away and toiled to complete a really challenging assignment. It was touch and go there for a while, but it’s finally done and you actually did an awesome job. You don’t need constant praise, but a casual “thank you” would be very much appreciated. Only you never get that. In fact, other team members are credited with the work you’ve done instead. That lack of awareness on the part of management can’t mean good things are ahead and that might be a clear sign to open yourself to the possibility of another job that will give you the credit you deserve.

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There Isn’t Room For Growth

On a related note, it is important that any job you devote years to gives you the opportunity to move up the ladder if you so choose. We know that finding another job feels like a job in and of itself, but it’s a necessary task if you want your career to progress. If you’ve reached the ceiling or if it’ll be years and years before you take that next step, then we suggest giving strong consideration to whether the wait is worth it or if you’re better off trying your professional luck elsewhere.

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You’re Unhappy

This might seem like a trivial or vague one, but it’s really, really important. While no job is ever going to be perfect and while there are definitely things that are bound to get under your skin on a regular basis, if you are genuinely unhappy then it might be time to go. And we’re not talking about annoyed or inconvenience. We’re talking about if deep down in your bones you loathe waking up every morning and heading to work, then please take a step back and evaluate. Is it the job itself or is it the career you’ve chosen? Is it something that can be fixed or something that is bound to drive you nutty for the foreseeable future? Take some time for self-reflection and don’t feel defeated if you come up with an “it’s time to move on” answer.

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The Company Is Going Through Changes

There is no doubt that even though the economy has some glimmers of hope, there are a lot of industries suffering right now. Be it because they’ve become a little more outdated due to technological advancement or because business models that worked 10 years ago don’t hold true any more, there are plenty of people who are worried about their job prospects in the years to come. It is important that whatever job you tether yourself to has an eye toward the future and a desire to change with the world around it. If you’re at a place that feels stagnant, that feels like progress is an after-thought, it could be time for a move.

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Your Current Job Is Not Positioning You For Later Success

Aside from the company being willing to change and grow to ensure success in the years to come, it’s also important that your job encourages you to make progress as an individual. Whether it’s providing tuition reimbursement to learn a valuable set of new skills or finding ways to train employees on how they can expand their roles, having a company that promotes these practices and values cultivating good, advanced employees is hugely beneficial and important.

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Your Work/Life Balance Is Completely Out of Whack

Work/life balance is one of those things that can often seem like a distant memory of years past. In a time when we’re constantly checking our work email at night, on the weekends, in the middle of dinner, the idea that there could be a clear line drawn between work and personal life seems difficult to imagine. But trust us, it’s insanely important. A balance that tips considerably more on the side of work is a recipe for professional burn-out which will not only impact you negatively, but your work place as well. Seek out opportunities that afford you the chance to unwind without feeling guilty or that you’re going to miss something important and be penalized for it.

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You’re Not Making What You Feel You Should

Now this is a big one and often tricky to navigate. If you’ve been at a job for a year or more, the itch to see a promotion and accompanying raise is probably starting to set in. You’ve worked your behind off and you should be compensated accordingly, right? Unfortunately some workplaces, operating under the thought process of “they should feel lucky to still have jobs,” sometimes take the hard work of employees for granted, assuming they can skate by without recognizing their achievements. If you’ve exhausted all attempts to have productive conversations with your managers about your growth, development and potential at your company and it seems to be going nowhere, don’t hesitate for a second to check out what other companies have to offer. There is no shame in hopping around from company to company in order to grab the promotions you deserve.

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You Don’t Respect The Work You’re Doing

An important, though often overlooked aspect of career success is having a strong sense of pride in what you’re doing. Yes, it’s important to do a great job. Yes, it’s important to work for a strong company with a healthy future outlook. But even if all the aforementioned boxes are checked, if you don’t have a solid amount of pride in what you’re doing, then you could begin to lose the drive and ambition you once had. Given how much of your life is dedicated to work, it’s important that there is some meaningful purpose behind it. If you’ve lost the passion, maybe it’s time to explore other options.

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You’ve Got Big Dreams

Much of this list has focused on what your office might not be providing to you, be it an adequate salary, opportunities for advancement or pleasant coworkers. But this last element focuses more on your goals and dreams. Though the days of spending your whole career at a single company might be long past us, what has taken its place is the potential to start your own business and Manifest Destiny the hell out of your careers. If you’ve got a huge passion point, if you have a dream, don’t dismiss it. At least entertain the prospect of making it a reality and if the spirit moves you (and you’re financially stable enough to do so) give it a shot!

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