How To Get Energy Without Caffeine

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Everybody could use a little extra energy. Even those who say their energy levels are stable wouldn’t say no to a little jolt here or there to help them get just one more thing done each day, or accomplish one task a little quicker. For many individuals, coffee is a diet staple. They never start their day without a cup of coffee. Others are fanatics about certain energy drinks, and have so many empty cans of the stuff in their recycling bin you’d think they were spokespeople for the company. But then you have individuals who don’t like the idea of artificially altering their body’s natural energy. The debate as to whether or not caffeine is good for you goes on and on in health journals, but at the end of the day, some people like to go all natural if possible. Here are ways to get a jolt of energy without caffeine.

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Get more magnesium

A magnesium deficiency can cause fatigue. Magnesium is important for nerve and muscle function and it can help you sleep, so if you’re low on the stuff, you may not be getting enough REM at night. Try popping a couple magnesium tablets before going to bed.

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Hop in the shower

Cold water improves circulation, which will help you wake up. There’s a reason dumping cold water on a passed out drunk friend will perk him right up! Try finishing your regular shower with two minutes of cold water for a burst of energy.







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Add chia seeds

These little gelatinous seeds have a magical combination of healthy fats, protein, and fiber, all of which improve your energy levels. Keep a baggy around and add a tablespoon to your yogurt, cereal, juice, or smoothie for an easy pick-me-up.



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Smell some mint

Smell a fresh leaf of mint, open a bottle of peppermint aromatherapy oil, and sniff a stick of cinnamon. The aroma of each of these has stimulant effects that can perk you right up.




Learn acupressure

Familiarize yourself with a few energy-related acupuncture points. Try massaging your earlobes or the skin between your thumb and forefinger when you’re feeling lethargic.








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Get outdoors

Step outdoors for ten minutes. Exercise and the fresh air will improve your circulation. The vitamin D from the sun can alleviate some feelings of depression that can make you feel tired. And, if you can see some actual green in trees and leaves, this can perk you up, too.






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Try Kvass

This fermented Slavic drink has long been praised for its energy-boosting effects. It’s similar to kombucha, so it can speed up a sluggish stomach and a healthy digestive system can help you feel energized.








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If you’ve had your nose in your computer all day then the lack of social interaction could have you feeling tired. Try calling a friend or chatting with a coworker, even for five minutes, to stimulate different parts of your brain that can wake you up.






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Or bring the outdoors to you

If you don’t have time to step outdoors then bring the outdoors to you. Sit by a window. Sit on the balcony. Set up some potted plants. Humans aren’t built to be inside all day long, removed from greenery and fresh air. So incorporate those things into your workspace as much as possible.





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Improve your posture

Bad posture could be interfering with your circulation, slowing your blood flow at certain points. Improve your posture, or even consider working at a standing desk, or getting an ergonomic chair that holds your spine in a more natural position.






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Add a pop of color

Wear bright colors, hang up paintings displaying bright colors, and paint the walls bright colors if you have that power. Your brain has very specific reactions to certain colors. Bright yellow, for example, can perk you up, whereas dark purple can mellow you out.


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Tidy up

First off, simply sitting amongst clutter can make you feel tired. The presence of a mess can make you think about the fact that you need to clean up that mess, and that can make you tired. So get rid of it. Second off, the act of tidying up gets your blood pumping and gets you out of your chair. So tidy up!






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Don’t just listen to music: sing along! If there is no one around to talk to, singing can activate similar parts of your brain that socializing would. And it helps bring oxygen to your brain.








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Add vitamin B12

Even a slight vitamin B12 deficiency can leave you feeling chronically tired. If you aren’t already taking a vitamin B12 supplement, you probably aren’t getting enough of it in your food, so start taking one.



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Sip on Ginseng tea

This herb can do a lot of things, like improve cholesterol, lower blood sugar, and boost energy. Try sipping on Ginseng tea. Add a leaf of mint to it to get double the energy-boosting benefits.

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