Keyshia Cole Responds To Custody And Spousal Support Requests From Booby

October 6, 2017  |  


Earlier this week, we reported that Daniel “Booby” Gibson, was requesting full custody and spousal support from his estranged wife Keshia Cole. As you can imagine the internet did not approve of the request. Not only because the two seemed to have a healthy co-parenting relationship but also because as a former NBA player, Gibson doesn’t need any of Keshia’s money…or he shouldn’t, anyway.

When the news hit the internet, folks felt a way.

Later, Gibson’s lawyer released a statement saying that making requests for the worst case scenario was common practice in family law.
Mr. Gibson wishes to clarify that he is not actively seeking spousal support and full custody. Mr. Gibson submitted a full settlement proposal to Ms. Cole some time ago, which excludes spousal support and includes a shared custodial plan for their son. The document in question (i.e. Mr. Gibson’s Response to the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage) is what we in the family law sector call inclusive.

This means that a party will always file or respond in a way that gives them the best possible outcome in the event the can goes to trial, as it is much more difficult, time-consuming, and costly for the client to go back and amend a filing to ask for something that was not originally requested. Attorneys who are well-versed in Family Law are aware of this and almost always counsel their clients to file as such with the full understanding that a resolution is typically reached that is acceptable to both parties, particularly in a case like this, where the parties are on amicable terms.

It is regretful that this document has been publicized and is now subject to scrutiny by individuals unfamiliar with standard family law practices. Mr. Gibson hopes to resolve this matter with Ms. Cole as soon as possible in a way that will allow them to move forward amicably and continue their cooperative co-parenting efforts.”

Then Daniel shared his own statement via his Instagram, accompanied by a picture of his son Daniel Gibson Jr.

Recently, during her co-hosting stint on “The Real” Keyshia shared her thoughts on the whole situation.

Loni Love: Would you share, um, custody with him?
Keyshia Cole: Yeah, of course.
Adrienne Houghton: Is that what you would want?
Loni: That’s what you want.
Keyshia: That’s, that, that was my initial, uh, you know…
Jeannie Mai: Request.
Keyshia: Asking, yeah, of what they felt like it should have been, and I said, “Ok, well, that seems pretty fair to me, I mean, that’s what we do naturally…
Loni: Right.
Keyshia: … Normally, I mean, one week he’s with you, one week he’s with me, then he comes back with you and then he comes back with me.” I mean we share the same nanny, so it’s not big – that big of a deal…
Loni: Right.
Keyshia: And um, I thought that was the agreement.
Loni: Ok.
Keyshia: You know, and so…
Adrienne: And that’s how you’d like it to stay.
Keyshia: Yes, I would like his lawyer to understand that as well.
Loni: Ok! Alright. Now, Booby claimed on our show that him and Brooke Valentine are just friends. Do you buy that?
[The Real audience member: No!]
Loni: Ooh!
[The Real audience laughs]
Keyshia: The thing is, that I would prefer not to be sold anything. You know.
Adrienne: Ohhh.
Keyshia: You know? I’m not looking to buy it. You know? It’s just like… God bless.
Adrienne: Like, God moved on – have you moved on?
Keyshia: Hey, unless it’s involving my kid, you know, my son, and we should meet or we should go to lunch.
Adrienne: Yeah.
Loni: Right.
Keyshia: All three of us.
Jeannie: Whoa. Are you even open to that?
Adrienne: Do you have a friendship with Brooke?
Keyshia: No, I mean, you know, to my understanding, she doesn’t have one with my child.


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