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Nobody said dieting would be easy. If it were, then nobody would be overweight. And the reality (that you don’t want to admit) is that if you’re overweight, it’s because you probably overindulged too many times. You overate for a long time, and the only way to undo that damage, is to go the opposite direction, and restrict calories for a while. Of course, you don’t want to starve yourself. But you’ll need to make lower-calorie food decisions. You’ll need to say no to dessert. You’ll need to skip the nighttime alcohol. If you said “Yes” to the good stuff too long, the only way you get to lose weight is to say not to it for a bit. And saying no is hard (that’s how you got here in the first place). So stop waiting for some time when it’s going to be easy—that time isn’t coming. Here are your excuses to put off your diet, crushed.


It’ll start after this stressful period

Fine, but there will be another stressful period. If you tell yourself that you’re allowed to eat unhealthy when you’re under stress then you’ll just eat unhealthy for long periods of time, throughout your life. You need to learn to eat healthy in spite of stress. This is life: that magical stress-free time you think is coming doesn’t exist.




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It’ll start three weeks before this event

Maybe you want to lose weight for a certain event. It’s not for a while, so you tell yourself that you’re free to continue eating poorly until three weeks before the big day. But you shouldn’t need a special event, like a wedding or high school reunion, to eat healthily. Those events are few and far between and if you rely on them to stay healthy, you’ll fall off the wagon fast.
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But I’m going on vacation

You can eat healthy on vacation. In fact, you must learn to try because life is full of “vacations.” You may not always be on a cruise ship with a buffet, but you’ll go to barbecues, super bowl parties, bachelorette parties, and plenty of other events where people can overindulge. You need to learn to stay healthy in those environments.





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I just bought all these clothes in this size

So you’re willing to stay at an unhealthy weight, just so you don’t have to go clothing shopping? Go to a thrift store and you can get a nice starter wardrobe for your new, smaller size, for under $100. Or, you could continue to eat poorly, and set yourself up for health problems that will cost tens and thousands of dollars to fix later.

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I just bought all these groceries

So give them to a food bank. Once again, are you really willing to risk spending tens of thousands of dollars on medical bills later, all to save $100 now? When you think about it that way, it seems quite silly, doesn’t it?







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My partner broke the diet

You cannot rely on your partner to eat healthy for you to eat healthily. You are your own person. You need to be able to identify good and bad decisions within the relationship and call them out for the both of you. You should be telling your partner to get back on track, rather than using his failure as an excuse to break your diet, too.


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I can’t be cranky right now

You’re afraid that cutting back on sugar or carbs will leave you cranky. Well, that’s silly. The fatty and bad foods you’ve been eating have actually made you cranky. They’ve caused blood sugar fluctuations and hormonal imbalances that have affected your moods. Eating healthy could actually rebalance your moods.






I just got all this food/booze as a gift

Great! Then you didn’t spend a dime on it and should have no problem re-gifting it or donating it. If I’m not going to let you stress over the $50 you just dropped on unhealthy groceries, I’m certainly not going to let you break diet over free food.






I can only focus on one thing at a time

Well if you’re going to lead a healthy lifestyle you’re going to have to learn to focus on your diet with everything else. Because you will always have a lot going on. If you tell yourself you can only be healthy in between busy times in life, you’ll never get on track with your diet.






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It’s hard in my family to diet

Again, you’re an individual. Do not use the poor choices of those around you as an excuse to make your own unhealthy decisions. You should be encouraging your family to change the way they eat, rather than giving into their pressure.






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I lost some weight so I get a break

If you’ve successfully dieted for a while then you definitely shouldn’t stop now! That means your body is getting used to the change. Starting something new is much harder than keeping something going, so if you stopped now, before reaching your weight goals, you’d be doing yourself a disservice.


I’m going on a weight loss retreat soon

Relying on extreme measures like going to weight loss retreats is not sustainable. These are expensive and they take you away from your other responsibilities. And you won’t always have the staff of the retreat around you, giving you instructions. You need to know how to make the right decision, on your own, in the middle of your hectic life—not at some serene retreat. Anybody can make the right choice there.




I’ll have to retake headshots/driver’s license photos etc.

You may have to retake headshots if you’re an actor, model, or public figure of any kind. You could have to retake your driver’s license photo. This will all take about two hours of your time and a couple hundred dollars of your money. That’s nothing compared to living a life at a weight you don’t want to be.




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I don’t want to be that annoying skinny girl

If your friends would criticize you for making healthy decisions for yourself, those aren’t good friends. If your friends say that you’re an annoying skinny person then maybe it’s just time to go make friends with other “annoying” skinny people because your current friends clearly don’t support what’s best for you.




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I eat better than this other person

So? Just because your friend is 20 pounds heavier than you doesn’t mean you’re somehow miraculously 20 pounds lighter than you were yesterday. You should never compare your body to others, as an excuse to stop or start a diet. There will always be someone who is more overweight, or in better shape, so this is a fruitless pursuit.

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