F**kboy Behavior Women Excuse Too Often

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Sometimes when you care deeply for someone, it’s easy to overlook their flaws. Even if some of those flaws include your mistreatment. In an effort to make sure you don’t play yourself by linking up with the wrong one, here are some f**kboy behaviors women excuse too often.

Go Cold Turkey

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Not calling

I don’t have to do too much explaining with this one. If you’re trying to build a rapport or relationship with someone, you need to be in communication with them. And that means in addition to texting, you should be speaking to one another.

He always keeps you waiting

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Not making plans

If you’ve been talking and texting… and maybe doing a few other things for weeks but he hasn’t made plans or hasn’t followed through on taking you on an actual date…and there’s been no explanation, then it suggests a lack of interest and effort.

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Taking more than they give

If you find yourself depleted in the context of a romantic relationship, if you’re always going above and beyond but can’t expect the simplest kindness in return, the relationship is not reciprocal. Someone might be taking advantage of you.

He's never had a meaningful relationship

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Being mean or spiteful

This one is pretty self explanatory right. Every relationship has conflict and as human beings we won’t always handle them maturely. But when arguments and disagreements consistently include low blows and personal attacks, that speaks to a deeper issue.


Saying they’re not ready for a relationship when they do relationship things.

Y’all men never stray too far from the script. Sleeping with you, going on dates, meeting your friends and family, and doing other boyfriend-like things are nice in practice. But when you ask for commitment or simply ask a question about the nature of your relationship, they get quiet or remind you that they never signed up for anything official. They’re leaving themselves an outlet so they can have the benefits of a consistent “girlfriend” but the freedom of a singleness.

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Being content with having no job

Lawrence from “Insecure” anybody? Times are hard. There’s no shame in finding yourself without a job for a period of time. But when homeboy gets to a point where he’d rather lounge around and watch you make ends meet, all by yourself, there may be a problem. Even if he doesn’t work a traditional job, he needs to be contributing in some type of way.

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Shaming women for behaviors they exhibit

A woman reveals her body count number or speaks freely about her sexuality and she’s everything but a child of God. A man does that and 5x more, and he’s the man. When you call these type of men out on the double standard, they’ll likely offer some type of “that’s just the way it is” explanation. Yeah, that’s the way it is because ignorant people like him keep perpetuating that archaic type of thinking.

He knows who her new boyfriend is

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Men who rationalize instead of apologize for their mistakes

We’re all bound to screw up. But what helps people rebound from missteps and mistakes is knowing that the person is remorseful and better yet repentant for what they’ve said or done. If someone continuously says or does things to hurt you and then treats you like you’re in the wrong for pointing it out or always has some type of excuse for their foulness, then he’s just not mature enough to handle the realities of relationships.

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Men who attempt to make you feel small

More than being mean and spiteful in an argument, men who go out of their way to diminish your accomplishments, resent your success or refuse to celebrate your victories are people you need to remove from your life as soon as possible.

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Of all of the behaviors listed, this one, perhaps, is the most subtle. If you never know what you’ll be doing on Saturday because no plans have been made, but they might be…and you find yourself waiting and wondering more often than not, it’s not a good sign. Not being able to count on people, whether that’s friends, family or a potential partner, you’ll find yourself frustrated and dissatisfied.

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