Should Celebrity Moms Be More Transparent About Their Snapback?

September 7, 2017  |  

Beyoncé recently gave birth to twins, and while the world swooned over the newest additions to the Carter household, it’s her post-baby body that has received just as much, if not even more conversation.

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While Bey looks great postpartum, her body has a few mothers wondering how any woman can look like that after giving birth to twins two months prior. “How did she do that?” and “Definitely plastic surgery!” were just a few of the comments made by my friends when discussing the star’s incredible snapback.

Unfortunately, such comments and questions come from the pressure to lose weight after giving birth for many women. It’s real. In fact, 61 percent of new moms thought they would be back to their pre-baby weight by their baby’s first birthday, but 60 percent still had a few extra pounds of weight to lose, according to a recent survey. So you can imagine how a non-famous, non-wealthy mother feels when they see a celebrity’s body shortly after they’ve pushed out an eight-pound baby or had a C-section. Confused would be an understatement.

I, like many women, follow certain celebrity women on social media platforms and root for them when they expand their family, and even comment with a “Yaaassss!” when they post their post-baby body in a bikini. But, secretly, I feel as though those pictures create unrealistic expectations for our bodies, bodies that have gone through the most magical, yet traumatizing experience. They can make us feel like only a certain type of person can attain such lofty post-pregnancy goals.

The average woman (famous or not) gains between 25 to 35 pounds during pregnancy, and unless you know the mother personally, you’ll never really know how she lost the baby weight or got back in shape. However, in the case of a celebrity, we can speculate that her elite access (personal chef, personal trainer, ever-present stylist and makeup artist, etc.) and entourage increases her chances of regaining her pre-pregnancy figure much sooner than the average mother.

For instance, a certain famous mom could have gotten plastic surgery, which is what most women assume when a celebrity bounces back so quickly. I don’t think most women would judge anyone, especially a star, for getting cosmetic surgery (though a hint of jealousy might ensue), but it would be great if we knew that such a surgery did occur if one chooses to flaunt their “after” when we were all witness to their “before.” Take for example Blac Chyna. Even though he was vindictive, Rob Kardashian had some mothers sighing in relief (and others feeling duped) when he posted evidence of Blac Chyna’s post-birth cosmetic surgery, which took away the credibility of her workout videos and tummy tea endorsements.

There is also the possibility that stars are obtaining more sleep than the average woman. Experts say that sleep is a gateway to shedding pounds, and research has proven that people who sleep less than seven hours a night have a harder time losing weight. With a newborn in the house, getting seven consecutive hours of sleep is unheard of, but if you are a celebrity, things might be different. If you have some help, you may be able to get the rest you need and burn off the weight a lot faster.

And then there’s the benefit of having help. I’m sure some celebrities looking forward to parenthood are excited about being hands-on with their babies, but even ones who do make time to breastfeed and change diapers obtain some assistance. Allegedly, Jay-Z and Beyonce have hired six nannies to help out with their newborn twins. With people on hand, 24/7, to possibly feed, burp and coddle your baby when you need to step away, it can be easier to get back to work on yourself.

Finally, and the most obvious, working out consistently helps tremendously with the post-pregnancy snapback. Outside of trying to find time to sleep, finding time or energy to work out is extremely difficult for any new mom, and it would be slightly easier for her to meet her weight loss goals with the guidance of an expert. For Bey, she’s been making SoulCycle a second home. But for other stars, this is where a personal trainer comes into play. The trainer is the person who heavily influences their workout times and activities, and can even help with daily meal recommendations (unless there is someone already fulfilling that role). If most everyday moms had such a gem, would they be as fit as most celebrity moms?

I don’t expect celebrities to give us a play-by-play of their eating, sleeping or workout habits, but if they are going to post images of their nearly perfect post-baby body, a brief explanation of how it was obtained would be appreciated so as to not encourage unhealthy pressure for those who don’t have their resources. That’s why stars like Ciara and Angela Simmons (via Instagram), who have opened up about their own journey back and when and where they’ve stumbled are a breath of fresh air.

Furthermore, it would be great if celebrities could use their platform to educate us on how to lose weight the right way, show us their struggles with losing weight, the pitfalls they’ve dealt with, if any. By doing so, it would remind us that despite all the glamour, the money and the fame, they are human, too.

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