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While homeopathic remedies may have just started finding their way into mainstream publications and research about health, they’ve been around perhaps longer than modern medicine. Homeopathy—also known as complementary and alternative medicine—came about around the early 1800s. The first homeopathic school of medicine in the United States was founded in 1867. So as you can see, it’s nothing new. We’ve all just been so dazzled by modern medicine that we quickly forgot about homeopathy around the 19th century when things like anesthesia and antiseptics came to be. But a truly effective treatment for an ailment should, in the opinion of some, contain both modern medicine and homeopathy. Like with modern medicine, some homeopathy affects women in a particular way. Here are homeopathic treatments women should know about.

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Sepia comes from the ink sac of an animal related to the squid. Sepia is especially effective at treating many of the unpleasant symptoms of menopause, including vaginal dryness, mood swings, and hot flashes. It can also alleviate heavy periods and abdominal cramps. One benefit which is not quite easily quantifiable is this: many women describe feeling more connected to their family when taking Sepia.







“People depend on me”



If you tend towards depression, mental fatigue and melancholy during hormonal changes, you should consider Pulsatilla. Made from the windflower, it can help during perimenopause, menstruation, and menopause. Pulsatilla has also been said to be very helpful in easing feelings of loneliness during hormonal changes.








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If you’re under a lot of stress, Ashwaganda (sometimes called Indian ginseng or poison gooseberry) can help get your endocrine system back in working order. When your endocrine system is out of whack, you can see signs of premature aging. This homeopathic treatment can also help with the emotional sides of hormonal changes like anxiety and depression.





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Agnus Castus 

Women suffering from a low libido may look into Agnus Castus, which comes from a unique bush-like tree in the Mediterranean. Also known as chasteberry, this remedy can increase a woman’s sex drive, as well as alleviate cramps and bloating (all of which may be contributing to a low libido).










Not just the name of a Stevie Nicks song, Belladonna has powerful homeopathic remedies. The traits of this flower are quite similar to the character described in the famous song, however—it tends to thrive around human garbage and in dark, shady places one wouldn’t expect it to. Belladonna treats symptoms as harsh and spontaneous as itself, like sudden hot flashes, fits of rage, sudden onset pains and fever.









Borax and Natrum Phos

Some research suggests that certain types of vaginal discharge are inhospitable to sperm, and can be the cause of infertility. Borax, a salt of boric acid, can help women who have warm, acrid discharge. Meanwhile, Natrum Phos—a cell salt medication—can treat women who have a creamy, honey-colored discharge that may also be killing sperm.











If your periods come with severe headaches, specifically ones on the right side of your body, extending from your neck to your shoulder, consider taking Cimicifuga. Made from a flowering plant found in eastern Northern America, this remedy works on your spine and your brain and can not only relieve physical pain but also alleviate feelings of being stuck in your life, or what some describe as a dark cloud around you.







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Aletris farinose

Aletris farinose, otherwise called unicorn root or crow-corn, is a plant that can be used to treat long periods or periods that arrive too early. This makes it an especially important homeopathic treatment for women who are struggling to conceive due to irregular cycles. If your periods also come with extreme fatigue, anemia, and slightly yellow discharge, you likely suffer from a type of period that this treatment can make easier to handle.







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Made from the fresh roots of the blue cohosh plant, Caulophyllum is usually prescribed for problems related to child birth and periods. It may be given to a woman as a dietary supplement to induce labor or create more normal periods. Midwives have also used this homeopathic treatment throughout centuries to induce an abortion—it is very powerful and should be used with caution.







If your pains tend to exist on the left side of your body during perimenopause and menopause, reach for Lachesis. It can alleviate pain in the ovaries during this important change of life, as well as insomnia and depression brought on my hormonal changes. Lachesis actually comes from the venom of a snake, which is why homeopathic doctors believe it’s most effective in women who can become temperamental and angry during hormonal changes.






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Homeopathic doctors may prescribe palladium to women suffering from pain in their ovaries, or even tumors on their ovaries. Palladium tends to be prescribed to women who have a large sexual appetite that isn’t being met, the stress of which (in the homeopathic world) is believed to possibly cause these tumors.








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Epimedium is one of the strongest PMS-relieving homeopathic therapies available. Also known as horny goat weed, this treatment can naturally balance hormones and is a nice option for women who do not want to take actual hormones.









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Avina Sativa

If you’re dealing with a low sex drive, both emotionally and physically, avina sativa is believed to help. This homeopathic treatment, sometimes referred to as oats, sends blood flow to the sexual organs and stimulates the central nervous system, helping you feel aroused.










Lilium tigrinum

Another homeopathic treatment especially useful in issues on the left side of the body, Lilium tigrinum can address pain or discomfort in the rectum, pancreas, stomach, and heart. This flowering plant-based treatment can also help in the treatment of hemorrhoids. Since women have a high rate of IBS and other digestive issues, this is an especially important remedy for them.








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This precious metal is useful beyond industrial purposes. When boiled in acid, washed and dried, it becomes a homeopathic treatment. Platinum is particularly useful at addressing feelings of excessive irritation or dissatisfaction, so it is clearly a good one to have around during menstruation or hormonal changes.

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