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It seemed like last night’s episode flew by. Still, there was a lot to digest. So, let’s just jump in.

Issa and Daniel 

Ever since last week, I’ve been hearing people say Issa overreacted. But the conversation she had with Daniel where she talked about being embarrassed and hurt by his inconsideration and the assumption that he could just skeet in her face, really hit home for me. It was an extremely rare moment of honesty and vulnerability for Issa. Too bad it all went left.

Mr. Gaines ain’t never gon’ act right. 

They need to just go ahead and report him to their boss. The fact that he said “No one died” when confronted with his own discrimination. Nah.

Lawrence is a trip. 

Why Lawd would you bring your new potential boo to a dinner hosted by friends, people you only know because of your ex. Not only does it read as petty and vengeful, it’s inconsiderate of everyone else in attendance. Smh.

When are we going to learn more about Tiffany?
Her saying she designed her own font, fostering that tense environment and the lingering relationship issues, I just have to know her deal and how the hell she and Issa became friends.

This was one of Kelli’s best episodes.
Between her telling Issa’s brother to pass the butter, “Butter n*gga” and saying that Tiffany and Derek hate their guests because they’re serving them carrot cake, she had me giggling.

That conversation between Issa and Lawrence…
I literally watched with my mouth covered. It all started off so well. I thought Lawrence would apologize, Issa would soften and then Aparna would come out and it would make for another awkward moment. But the way that went down? Hurtful. Both sides said some foul (and occasionally true–on Issa’s part) things. And while it was awful and unnecessarily mean and vindictive, it was one of the few times that the two have ever talked open and honestly about their feelings.

…Gurl, what is you thinkin’? Did y’all notice that she gave Dro her keys?! Her neediness was next level this week. Thankfully, she got it together by the end of the episode. Hopefully, she’ll be able to stick to her guns.

Molly’s mom was dropping jewels
He made me feel more special than he hurt me. Some pretty sound advice. No relationship is without hurt and pain. But recognizing that you shouldn’t always be hurting, is key to realizing when you should stay and when you should go.

Do you become destructive when you’re upset?

This is a common troupe I’ve noticed in television and film. While I’m sure someone, somewhere destroys all of their worldly possessions when they’ve reached a breaking point, I’ve never seen it happen in real life. So, I just wanted to conduct a quick poll to see how common it really is and whether or not scenes like the one last night ever resonate with you.

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