Chronic Conditions A Bad Diet Makes Worse

September 1, 2017  |  
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We live in a society that has a pill for every symptom, and we often visit doctors who don’t take a moment to consider the simple lifestyle choices that could be causing and worsening chronic conditions. Many western doctors work from the outside in, performing several complex (and expensive) tests to figure out what’s going on in your body. Meanwhile, if you visit a holistic doctor, she’ll probably ask you about things like the fabrics on which you sleep, stress in your life and—you guessed it—your diet. Small factors that are totally within your control can be the source of a condition that you’re treating with expensive medication, which only causes other side effects that must also be treated. You should, of course, consult a doctor if you’re suffering from any of these conditions. But also try adjusting your diet to see if they get better. Here are chronic conditions that are made worse by a poor diet.


Joint pains

If you eat a diet high in processed foods, your body doesn’t quite know how to break down a lot of the chemicals you push through it. While your organs try to decipher what to do with these non-nutrients, and your gut bacteria is completely thrown out of whack, your body will react by becoming inflamed. If you already have arthritis or any other condition that causes joint pains, you can’t afford to eat a diet low in essential nutrients because the inflammation will make your symptoms much worse.







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