Catching Flights AND Feelings: 8 Signs You Need A Baecation

August 12, 2017  |  

need a baecation


I’m going to be honest. My husband has been getting on my nerves for half the damn summer. It’s not like anything drastically changed in our lives once June hit and the temperature climbed above 80 degrees, but in fact just the opposite happened. We were elbows deep in a predictable routine of work, sleep training a two year old, Netflix and chill for the weekend and repeat. We were sleep deprived, and operating on the same seven meals I routinely prepared for dinner each week (fried fish and mac and cheese, cheeseburgers on Sunday, baked pork chops and corn on the cob, etc.) to the point where I could probably make them in my sleep that I actually wasn’t getting much of because our daughter has her days and nights mixed up.

I found myself building resentment as his work load grew and he regularly began coming home after 8:00 pm only to take the few hours we had together to make phone calls and do paperwork. I, on the other hand, didn’t have much more time to spare either working a full-time job and writing for half the day on weekends. Our mumbled smart comments, rolled eyes and shade wasn’t so much about our dislike for each other as it was about our exhaustion and the knowledge that we were falling into a “same old s**t, just a different day” type of routine. And that’s when I knew we needed a baecation.

Beside a few road trips on the weekend and the few girl trips I’ve taken in the past two years, my husband and I haven’t taken a full-on vacation together that requires booking a flight since our daughter was born. So being that I’ve been dying to see Kendrick Lamar, an artist we both love, I felt like why not just make it a whole hedonistic package where we could gamble, drink and be whole adults who don’t sit through hours of Tom and Jerry in the middle of the night with a toddler who wants to do headstands on my back while I sleep. A four-day-trip day trip to Las Vegas turned out to be just what the doctor ordered and we returned refreshed, renewed and looking at one another in a way we probably haven’t had time or energy to since we became parents. Shoot, by the end of the trip we actually even missed our child.

When it comes to marriage or any long-term relationship it can become all too easy to become defined by all of the other roles you have in life and lose focus on your union. You go to work every day and meet clients and make deadlines because you want the promotion or at the very least because you can’t afford to lose your job. You come home and do bedtime routines and balanced meals because you want to be a good parent and avoid having your kid grow up and become a serial killer. With marriage, I feel like it can be tempting to approach it with a mindset of, “This person loves me. We made vows. They aren’t going anywhere.” We can take our partners for granted and forget that marriage is something you should want to do well at and grow in as well. Maybe you don’t have to travel to another time zone, but here are some signs that you need to eliminate some of the distractions and focus on your relationship:

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