How To Create The Perfect Meditation Space

August 11, 2017  |  
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Two of the main reasons people blame for their inability to meditate are 1) They don’t have the time and 2) They don’t have a peaceful place to do it. People can get stuck on the idea that in order to meditate, they need to drive to some meditation center in their city, sign up for classes and work their schedules around their classes. Or, even more, they think they need to go on an expensive retreat in the middle of nowhere. But that’s just not true. The very theories behind meditation involve finding serenity wherever you are, and learning how to access it at a moment’s notice (or just about). Of course, if you have kids, live with a significant other or just live in a loud and busy neighborhood, it can be hard to feel like your home is very conducive to meditation. But a few adjustments can change that. Here is how to create a meditation space in your home.

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Choose a low-traffic room

Pick a room nobody else in your home uses, or at least uses often. You want to ensure your family doesn’t interrupt you to get something out of that room while you’re meditating. You’re better off using a tiny room that gets no foot traffic than a large, beautiful room where people like to hang out. Even a little walk in closet can be your place of serenity.








Don’t use your office

If each time you go to meditate you see a piece of mail you have yet to read, a document you have yet to sign or a check you have yet to send out, you’re never going to get around to meditating. Your meditation space should be void of items that remind you of worldly responsibilities.




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Keep sage on hand

Keep a small bundle of sage, some matches, and a little porcelain plate to put the matches out on, in your room. Burning a little sage in a room is like giving it an energetic rinse. Some research has even found that sage smoke alters the ionic composition of the air in a room, which in turn reduces your stress levels.









Purchase ocean stones

You can purchase ocean stones, or find them on the beach if you live nearby one. Ocean stones are incredibly grounding. They hold little pieces of earth that could be hundreds if not thousands of years old, as well as the calming, grounding energy of the ocean itself. Even if you don’t believe in any of that, there is no denying that their texture and shape feels nice in your hands, and creates a grounding sensation for your palms.







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Have a cozy blanket and fan nearby

The least physical distractions you can have, the better. If you’re too warm or too cold during meditation, your body’s need to adjust that through shivering or sweating will override your meditative process. Keep a cozy blanket and a fan in your meditation room so you can perfect your body temperature before meditating. If you’re physically comfortable, you can move your attention to your subconscious.






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Open the windows if it’s quiet outside

Connecting with fresh air is ideal, if you can swing it. It’s one of the few ways people can connect with nature when they live in a big city. If it’s quiet enough, open a window in your meditation room. If it isn’t quite enough, open one anyways, and put on a sound machine that plays nature sounds like ocean waves or waterfalls.




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Put up wind chimes outside

Wind chimes can not only mask city sounds like sirens and car horns but they are also very ethereal and can help you get in touch with your spirit while you meditate. If you were to walk the grounds of famous monasteries around the world, you’d see they often have wind chimes everywhere.







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Set up a bird feeder outside

Another way to get in touch with oh-so-crucial nature while you meditate is to set up a bird feeder outside your window. Spiritual healers believe that animals are just small, living vessels that carry universal wisdom in bodies we can see and relate to. So find a way to bring animals near you when you meditate. If you have a dog, have him lie next to you while you meditate.







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Keep it tidy

A cluttered space usually creates a cluttered mind, so keep your meditation space clean. The best way to do this is to have it be a dedicated meditation space, and nothing else (so not an office, gym, laundry room etc.) At the very least, set a rule that other people in your home cannot bring items into that room.







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Keep technology out (if possible)

Technology interrupts sleep patterns so it’s no surprise that it can interfere with a successful meditation. Simply having technology in the room—even if you are not using it, cannot see it and do not hear it—can cause stress. Your body knows when technology is nearby, and it is reminded of the physical world moving, working, and being busy.








Keep some small plants around

Keeping a few potted plants inside of your meditation room is another great way to connect with nature. If you’re not good at taking care of plants, even low-maintenance ones like cacti, Rabbit’s ear or a snake plant will connect you with nature. At the very least, keep a fresh vase of flowers in the room.



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Install a small fountain

Use a fountain that recycles the same water so you don’t waste a lot of H2O to run it. Being near water can induce a meditative state, instill compassion, and even inspire creativity. A small fountain can also drown out city noises.










Put up images of nature

If you really want to commit to feeling close to nature when you meditate, you can plaster images of nature around the walls in the room. Simple close-ups of water rushing over stones, seashells in the sand or hummingbirds kissing are perfect.







Use aromatic oils

You can use aromatherapy oils to enhance your meditation. You can even use them to guide the direction of your meditation. Whether you’re focusing on improved sleep, reduced stress, increased confidence, or a boost of mental awareness, there’s aromatherapy oil for that.







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Perfect the lighting

Having natural light is ideal, but if the light is too bright, it will be distracting. Choose a room that gets plenty of natural light, then cover the windows with a sheer fabric to dim that light. If you cannot be in a room with much natural light, make sure you only purchase very soft light bulbs for your lamps.

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