Water Consumption Mistakes You Could Be Making

August 3, 2017  |  
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Water is just water, right? There must be no way to drink it wrong. Nutritionists may argue about which foods our cavewomen ancestors ate and what our bodies are used to metabolizing, but they all agree that humans have always consumed water. So how can there be a wrong way to drink water? Well, like with anything, there is such thing as drinking too much water or having it at the wrong time. Every time you consume anything, you kick start a series of processes in your body, waking up various organs. So we should always be conscious of what we consume, whether it’s H2O or fast food burgers. If you’ve been relying on water to help you lose weight, get energy, clear up your skin or more, and aren’t getting the results you want, you could be drinking it wrong. Here are mistakes you could be making with your water consumption.

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Waiting until you’re thirsty to drink

If you feel thirsty, you’ve already waited too long to drink water. When you feel thoroughly parched, like you may faint if you don’t have water soon, that means your body is deeply dehydrated. Dehydration is serious business and can land a person in the hospital. Even mild but regular dehydration can mean your organs don’t function properly, your skin dries out and you don’t think clearly.




Drinking when your bladder is constantly full

If you spend half of your day in the bathroom emptying your bladder, you could be drinking too much water. If each time you go to the bathroom, you release a tremendous amount of fluid, that means your organs do not need that water and are sending it back out. That also means you’re overworking your poor little bladder. Talk to your doctor about your diet and lifestyle so he can help you determine an appropriate amount of water for you each day.






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You’re fussing about the temperature

While warm water may temporarily soothe a sore throat and cold water can allegedly boost your metabolism, there is no decisive study that shows the temperature of your drinking water affects your health in the long run, in any substantial way. So if the only drinking water available is room temperature, just drink it, even if you prefer ice cold.








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Forgetting there is water in your food

Don’t forget that you get water in your food, especially if you’re good about consuming fruits and vegetables. Things like oranges, melon, cucumbers, and lettuce contain quite a bit of H2O. If you’re wondering why you’re drinking the doctor-recommended amount of water but still urinating too much, it could be because you also eat a lot of hydrating foods.







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Drinking the same amount of water every day

Whatever amount of water your doctor tells you to drink should be considered a guideline. If you exercise extra hard on some days, you’ll naturally need more hydration on those days, so don’t cut yourself off from water just because you’ve met your official limit. Then there will be days you’re hardly active, and may not need much water. You should listen to your body before you listen to any figures.






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Failing to drink at meals

There are some theories out there that drinking water during a meal, or shortly after one, can interfere with digestion. But doctors have had a hard time proving this to be true. If the only few times you have to drink a big glass of water each day are when you sit down for meals, then drink your water then.





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Only drinking water

Water is great! But there are other things you should be drinking like coconut water, green tea, pomegranate juice, aloe vera juice, kombucha, chia seed beverages and certain pressed juices. Make room in your liquid consumption for these since they’re not only hydrating but also offer benefits like improved digestion and a boosted immune system.







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Failing to drink a glass, first thing in the morning

While you’ve been asleep, you have not been drinking, so you’re naturally a bit dehydrated first thing in the morning. Dehydration can also contribute to much of the brain fog we feel in the AM so having H2O when you wake up can really wake you up. Finally, water jump starts your metabolism and may make you realize you don’t really need that donut.





Failing to drink a glass when you feel hungry

Often thirst manifests itself as hunger pangs. Drinking a big glass of water when you feel hungry could help you avoid unnecessary calories—a blessing to those trying to lose weight.








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Drinking out of plastic

It’s time to stop drinking water out of plastic bottles. The BPA in these has been linked to cancer and fertility issues. Plus, you’re not doing any favor to our environment by tossing these into landfills. Invest in a good thermos, or drink out of a glass.









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You’re skipping it on boozy nights

You should drink at least one glass of water for every cocktail, if not several. When it comes to drinking water while drinking alcohol, this could be the one time there is no such thing as too much water. You’re zapping your body of a lot of good things when you drink alcohol, but water can help replenish them.




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You’re flavoring it

If you don’t like the taste of regular water, consider one of the other beverages we mentioned, but don’t flavor your water. The artificial sweetener in many water flavoring products messes with your digestion and appetite and can make you actually crave more sweets later.







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You’re confused about water and coffee

First off, when you feel tired, you should have a glass of water before you reach for coffee. Often, a glass of water will do the trick in perking you up. But you don’t need to avoid coffee entirely, for fear of its diuretic effects. One or two cups of coffee will only increase your trips to the bathroom for a couple hours after you consume it, which isn’t a huge deal.






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You’re carrying those giant jugs around

In an attempt to drink more water, you may have purchased one of those jugs that are practically the size of office water coolers. You fill it up every day and challenge yourself to finish it by the end of the day. But those jugs are not one-size-fits-all and can encourage you to drink more or less water than you need.





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You’re allowing refills at restaurants

We all need to do our part to save water! While the server at the restaurant may be refilling your water glass every time he sees you take a sip, be mindful of letting him over serve you water. It’s a shame to waste it, but furthermore, you may feel pressured to drink it when it’s there, even if you don’t need more water.

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