Woman to Woman: Have You Learned The Lesson?

October 29, 2011  |  

Life is full of lessons and learning’s. We all make mistakes and bad choices at times; some mistakes are bigger than others but nonetheless the lessons from them are still valuable. Lessons are also essential to our growth and maturity, but many of us are not learning them the way we should because we’re so busy playing victim and blaming somebody else for the wrongdoing.

Taking responsibility for your actions is an understatement. We all claim to be grown folks and all, but when it comes down to owning up to our part in a mistake all of a sudden our fingers get pointed in another direction. Trust me I know how difficult it is to admit when you are wrong- I personally hate it, but to be fair we have to woman up and own our faults when necessary. More so, because that’s where the lesson lives!  Say you messed up big time and fell for the wrong guy that you thought was so right for you.  You wasted time and energy on someone who ultimately turned out not for you. Now your heart is broken, you’re a tad bit bitter and you feel like crap. Instead of blaming him for the entire downfall of the relationship, look with in and see what part you played. Ask yourself those hard questions that you know you know the answers to but just never wanted to admit or acknowledge; such as “Why did I really ignore all those red flags in the beginning of the relationship?” It’s so easy to place the responsibility on somebody else, but please believe when you do this you’re missing your blessing – the lesson.

Even if you weren’t at fault, there is always a lesson in any failing or mistake. You just have to seek it out. The funny thing about lessons is if you don’t learn them you lose them. When this happens it’s likely to repeat the same problematic behavior all over again which in turn causes you more grief. So since some of us need to experience the mistake more than once before we ultimately learn the lesson, I will continue to ask you woman to woman – have you learned your lesson?

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