How To Love Being In A Bathing Suit Without Losing Weight

June 14, 2017  |  
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No matter how much you love your body, or what sort of shape you are in, sometimes it can feel like bathing suits were designed for the size-less mannequins with defined abs, perky breasts, thigh gaps and collar bones pronounced enough to grab onto. Even if you’re proud of your body, everybody can feel a little insecure when bathing suit season rolls around and it’s time to put it all out there. There isn’t as much room to play with bathing suit styles as there is with clothing. With clothing you can cover this, pull up this, push out that and flaunt the other thing. Bathing suits are made as if one-style-fits-all, but they don’t. If you love bathing suit season but hate wearing actual bathing suits, here are ways to love being in a bathing suit without losing weight.

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Invest in pool heels

You feel instantly fabulous when you put on a pair of heels. Heels give you a presence. They make your posture look incredible, they elongate your legs, and they make you saunter in that oh-so-confident way. Why should heels be reserved for night time? Invest in pool heels you love. Make sure they’re made from water-resistant materials like plastic or jelly. A good pair of shoes makes any woman feel better in any situation.

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Do things you love in your bathing suit

Don’t just see your bathing suit as a fashion object—see it as a tool that lets you do things you love! Like feel the warm sun on your skin, swim, slide down water slides, boogie board, kayak…the possibilities are endless. You wear workout clothes to work out, going out clothes to go out, and a bathing suit to bathe. The fashion industry made bathing suits about fashion, but they’re about more than that. sports buttocks of a young girl in short shorts close-up isolated on white background

High-waisted booty shorts

There isn’t a person on this planet that looks bad in an adorable pair of high-waisted booty short bathing suit bottoms. These do several things: 1) Cover up the bikini region you may have neglected to shave or wax 2) Prevent sand from getting into places it doesn’t belong 3) Accentuate your curves in all the right places.


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Try a sarong

Sarongs play up the hourglass figure and even create one when there isn’t one. Because they add a little more width around your hips, they make your waist look proportionately smaller. They’re also very seductive in that peek-a-boo kind of way and a great way to feel good about your thighs, even if you don’t have that thigh gap.




Go a size up on the bottom

Even the most slender of women feel uncomfortable in a bikini bottom that pinches them, creating lumps around their hips and that strange quadruple butt phenomena on their butt cheeks. Get bathing suit bottoms that fit you nicely; they should hug your body in a way that creates clean lines. girl. Women’s ass at the pool. Girl near the pool. Beautiful body of a girl in a swimsuit

Get bathing suits that tie

Bathing suits that tie will fit if you go up or down a few pounds. They can help you obsess a little less about the fact that your bathing suit doesn’t fit the exact same way it used to. Bathing suits that close with hooks like bras and slide on like underwear give you very little leeway in the weight department.


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Go out with women you love

Hit the beach and the pool with the women you love the most—the ones who constantly tell you how fabulous you are. Try not to go with the friends who obsess about their bodies, and bring along magazines touting tips for burning belly fat. You don’t need that right now.

Go bold and bright

Trick your brain into believing you love being in a bathing suit by picking out the boldest, brightest, most unique bathing suit. Choose a bathing suit that’s destined to turn heads. You’ll forget all about your body insecurities when you get constant compliments on your suit.



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Add pool jewelry

Don’t forget to accessorize at the pool! Some women feel insecure in bathing suits because they feel they can’t get very creative with their look. Add a chunky necklace, waterproof bangles and a wide brim hat and you’ll feel back in your element.
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Wear flowy pants

Treat yourself to a few good pairs of flowy, wide-legged, drawstring pool pants. Try chiffon or linen. The bell-shape of these pants elongate your legs and make your waist look small, and the drawstring top will never pinch. Plus, they look far more elegant than daisy dukes.




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Don’t pre-pool crash diet

Don’t crash diet before a beach vacation or pool party. Crash diets never achieve the results you hope for, so you just end up cranky in your bathing suit because A) you didn’t lose the exact amount of pounds you hoped and B) You’re still hungry!



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Eat more fiber

Nothing creates bloat like being backed up. Rev up your fiber and water intake during bathing suit season. Staying regular will help your stomach muscles appear more pronounced.





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Add some shimmer

Spread moisturizer with a little shimmer all over your body. This will highlight your muscles in all the right ways, helping those biceps and triceps you’ve worked on pop and—if we’re being honest—help your cleavage stand out, too.



It's Shady Out There Sometimes

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Invest in designer sunglasses

It’s hard to feel bland when you have on show-stopping, glamorous, wrap-around-your-face designer sunglasses. A good pair of sunglasses create allure and protect your eyes in the sun.


Stop talking about it

Your brain actually has a way of clinging onto the things you say, and shifting your attention to make those things true. So, if you say, “I’m fat” your brain listens to that, and adjusts your perception of reality so that you only see things that reinforce that those words. So stop talking about how much you hate being in a bathing suit.

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