Reasons To Get Regular Massages

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If you like to live a minimalist life, are keeping a budget, or simply think anything offered in a spa is a luxury, then you probably don’t get many massages. But it’s time to change the way we see massages. While there are certainly spas that turn massages into luxury experiences, complete with high-end lotions, beds fit for four-star hotels and multi-hundred-dollar pricetags, massages, at their core, are just homeopathic treatments for a number of ailments. Massage has its roots in the world of medicine. Thousands of years ago, ancient Chinese, Indian and Egyptian medical experts were all trained in the art of massage. Today, it’s been mostly separated from the realm of modern medicine, but maybe it shouldn’t be. Here are reasons to get regular massages.


It relieves stress

Studies have actually shown that after receiving a massage, a person’s cortisol levels, blood pressure, and heart rate go down. When people say they feel relaxed after a massage, their body has actually gone through physical changes that relieve stress, and those changes can last for hours or days after the treatment.



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It reduces some depression

While depression is certainly complex and comes from a variety of sources, some research has found that receiving regular massages can alleviate depression symptoms in people suffering from medically induced depression. For example, those suffering from depression brought on by chronic headaches, pregnancy, and chronic pain can benefit from massage.


It boosts flexibility

If you struggle to walk up steps or try different yoga positions, you could benefit from massages. Getting regular massages can improve soft tissue function, decrease swelling in the body, alleviate muscle tension and generally improve one’s range of motion.


It helps with ADHD

One study found that young boys suffering from ADHD felt significant relief through regular massage. Individuals in the study who received just 15-minute massages for 10 days in a row saw a substantial decrease in ADHD symptoms.





It regulates hormones

If your hormones are off, your moods and energy will take a hit. Fortunately, receiving regular massages can boost production of serotonin (which makes you happy) and oxytocin (which makes you feel relaxed).




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It treats osteoarthritis symptoms

If you suffer from osteoarthritis, consider getting regular massages. Research about the effects of Swedish massage on osteoarthritis patients found that just two months of regular massage could reduce pain and improve range of motion.


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It reduces anxiety

Studies have found that as few as five massages can reduce anxiety symptoms in those suffering from generalized anxiety disorder. Massage’s soothing benefits can treat the physical and emotional parts of anxiety.





It decreases headaches

If you’re someone who suffers from chronic headaches and wants to wean yourself off of painkillers, consider getting massages. One study found that regular massages may decrease the frequency of duration of headaches.





It treats symptoms of IBS

If you’ve suffered from digestive issues like irritable bowel syndrome your entire life then getting regular massages could change your life. Research has found that massages can improve digestion, particularly by addressing symptoms of stress and anxiety that aggravate IBS.


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It helps with morning sickness

Considering that around 80 percent of pregnant women deal with nausea and vomiting, it’s certainly a group that could use every type of nausea-relief they can get. Studies have found that regular massages can great relieve symptoms of morning sickness in pregnant women.



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