As A Married Woman, The Last Thing I Want To See On TV Is Real Sidechicks Of Charlotte

June 6, 2017  |  

I get it. Life can be pretty hectic with various obligations including work, school, housework and possibly children, so we all need something to help us wind down. To take your mind off of your reality, you might choose to read a book, browse through Netflix or indulge in TV shows that focus on other people’s reality.

It would be hypocritical of me to judge people for watching these types of shows, as I, too, have reveled in them. However, there’s one show that I won’t watch a single minute of. Real Sidechicks of Charlotte is currently in production, and although it hasn’t been picked up by a TV network, it already has a lot of people talking about it.

Real Sidechicks of Charlotte


Some have voiced their disgust with the concept of the show while others have shared in their excitement over it. Unfortunately, this show will most likely get plenty of airtime on a main network. Let’s face it, people want to see mistresses fighting and cussing out women over a man who doesn’t publicly acknowledge them, as depicted in one of the show’s Instagram posts.

I get the draw to take part in it. Being a star on reality TV has become a symbol of success in our society, which means some people will subject themselves to almost anything to be a part of it, regardless of how embarrassing it could be in the future. I can only imagine the casting call verbiage: “Filming new series about mistresses! Women who have no shame and who can’t find their own man, please respond ASAP!”

It’s almost comical to think about as a reality TV enthusiast. But as a married woman, there’s nothing funny about it. This show sends so many wrong messages.

First, it glamorizes taking part in the collapse of a marriage. Since when did being a side chick become a worthy title? I will admit that I rooted for Scandal‘s Olivia and Fitz from the beginning. I even went to great lengths to justify his cheating, having a social media debate with a male friend about how unhappy Fitz was in his marriage. However, Olivia is the heroine of sorts in the series, and well, that was just fiction. Not to mention, their relationship wasn’t the central focus of the show — at least not in the beginning.

Secondly, it teaches our girls that it’s okay to play second fiddle to another woman. I would never want my daughters to grow up thinking that being second best is okay, particularly in terms of relationships. I hope the series shows the truth about the lives of mistresses. How lonely these women are on major holidays, their birthdays and how they don’t get to meet important people in the men’s lives. I’m sure each woman on this show may think they have a great reason and think they can justify being with a married man, but at what point will their self-esteem be called into question? Will the show explore that aspect of things?

Thirdly and finally, it’s one thing to mess with married men, but another to broadcast it and possibly cause embarrassment to that man’s wife and children (if any are in the picture). There’s no need for them to bring the world into the drama they helped to create.

Now, I’m not slut-shaming these women as any woman has the right to sleep with whomever she pleases — just not someone else’s husband. But I will say that if these women wanted to do their dirt in the dark, in the dark is where they should stay — not possibly featured front and center on our TV screens.

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