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May 31, 2017  |  

Brande Victorian TrapdrillMy very first Working It Out column was about the time some white chick tried to Rosa Parks me and tell me I should get to the back of the Zumba class when I strolled to the front and grabbed a spot in front of the mirror. Her issue with me wasn’t my color; it was my size. And although it was one comment made my one woman three years ago, I still haven’t been able to fully put the idea that everyone sees me as incapable out of my head.

When I first embarked on my weight loss journey in October 2014 and got close to the finish line I started thinking about hosting workout classes, and then, as some of you know, I fell off the wagon. Hard. But when I got back on my grind at the top of this year, I still had the idea to start bringing women together to workout once I finally got where I needed to be. And then I realized that was kind of hypocritical to get fit and then stand up in front of a bunch of women and say “Get like me.” Sure, I could tell you I know what you’re going through, but telling you I’ve been in your shoes and doing exactly what you’re doing while in your pant size are two different things. So, I verbalized the idea to a friend and she put me in touch with the ladies behind a new workout brand, Grillz and Granola.

When I saw the word “trap” in their workout class description, I knew I was in the right place. And when I took the class on my own and it was full of us, I knew for certain I was in the right place. See, the other issue I’ve come to have with fitness classes isn’t just my own intimidation or the perception that other people dismiss me as unfit because of my weight, it’s the slew of ratchet/twerk/p-poppin/dutty wine workouts that are filled with every color under the rainbow except the Black women who made these dance movements a thing. Every time I pay $25, $32, $35 for one of those classes, I feel like I’m basically handing out cultural appropriation permission slips and I spend the hour longing for the time when I was surrounded by my Black and brown sisters getting it in at my old gym in the Bronx.

And so, after meeting with one of the co-founders of Grillz and Granola, we put together the Trapdrill, a one-hour workout session of trap, rap, and jumping jacks (with a little sprint drill at the end) meant to be a safe space for women to get their fitness on and be motivated by the other individuals in the room rather than intimidated. And, no, you don’t have to be overweight or trying to lose weight to come, maybe you just want a break from men oggling you while you do squats or you want to have an active rest day or you just want to do something different to switch up your routine. All women and all fitness levels are welcome.

So many of you have been so encouraging on my journey(s) — even rightfully scolding me over regaining weight when you were rooting for me (in your Tyra Banks voice) so I want to extend the invitation for you all to join me this this Saturday June 3, in New York City for the Trapdrill at 10 am so we can work it out together.

Brande victorian working it out Trapdrill

To be clear, I’m just hosting –the teaching is left up to the incredible Grillz girls Chavonne, also known as Young Chavo, and Fiona, aka, Fi Stacks. And just in case working out with me isn’t enough motivation, you’ll also be leaving with goodies from Dove, Curls, Vaseline, Ícelandic, and Yumami Foods to keep you fit and fine after the class is over. Click here to purchase tickets. I really hope to see you there!



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