Dr. Drew Show Pimps Black Relationships With YouTube Crazies

October 28, 2011  |  

I guess all of the black relationships experts were busy when Dr. Drew’s producers were putting the guest list together for their black men who refuse to date black women episode that aired today on “Life Changers.” Instead of featuring people qualified to speak about black relationships, or even normal women and men, Dr. Drew and his staff apparently chose to use the most over-the-top black YouTube stars they could find.

Thanks to a fabulous reader who alerted us over email, we cracked the case on a few of the guests who appeared on the show. The “rejected” woman in red on “Life Changers” today was Deena Jacobs, a semi well-known YouTube ranter who appeared on the reality TV show “H8R” after sending in a video explaining why she hates Kim Kardashian for “stealing our shine” via her big booty and black boyfriends. From her appearance on “H8R,” it’s clear she has an issue with interracial dating, but it’s because of her own self-admitted jealousy that Kim Kardashian capitalized on an asset that’s not exactly novel among black women. I can name about 1,200 other ladies who feel the same way. Does that mean they should be on Dr. Drew too? No, being jealous of Kim K.’s huge behind does not qualify one for anything.

When I looked at the longer clip of the show (below) along with this new knowledge, Deena seems more like an actress than a woman truly hurt or concerned by black men dating non-black women. Plus she rants to entertain. She says funny things to make people laugh. She’s not trying to solve an issue that is touchy and serious to a lot of black men and women. This chick just wants to be popular for having the same figure as Kimmy Kakes. Her follow-up “Plantation Mentality” video shows you just how serious she takes her cameo on Dr. Drew’s show.

And the man who got in her face about her attitude in the “Life Changers” trailer for the show? He’s a YouTube “star” (for lack of a better word) as well who appropriately calls himself Crazy brah and has multiple videos describing how much he hates black women.  The only thing that brings me peace about Crazy brah is the fact that his videos have captured a relatively small number of views. What I can’t understand is why the people behind the show would even take a chance on having a man who says he needs to smoke a blunt as he discusses black women who “talk white,” and n****s who don’t know how to play spades, all the while calling black women b*****s and h*s. As a result of his hatred for black women he proudly states he can see why “Chris Brown beat that b*****s a**.” And surprise, dude’s got mommy issues too.

I recognized yet another woman from the first clip we posted about “Life Changers,” too: Shanel Cooper-Sykes. The “Stilettos in the Kitchen” author and life coach has more credibility than either of these two people combined, but she’s no relationship expert. I imagine it’s her “All Men are Dogs” video that landed her a spot on the show—and at least she’s coming from more of a positive place to some degree—but again, it’s YouTube.

Why, why, why would the producers of “Life Changers” select THESE black people to talk about black love? Why?

We already knew it was a bit suspect for a white man to be so concerned with interracial dating in the black community, but did the producers of Dr. Drew’s show even do their homework? YouTube searches for crazy black people does not count. I just lost whatever ounce of respect I had for Drew Pinksy, who I’m convinced at this point just plays a doctor on TV.

Initially I wanted to watch this show just to see how things played out, but now I’m boycotting. It’s irresponsible, and quite frankly, lazy for the “Life Changers” producers to provide a platform for such foolishness. I’m not surprised the set got a little testy. I’m sure if I closed my eyes and went eeny meeny miny mo on YouTube to find someone to talk about interracial dating among black men and women, I’d come up with a bunch of foolishness too. It’s also disappointing that for at least two of these guests, they are selling themselves and the black community out for a few moments of shine.

Dr. Drew didn’t want experts on this topic, he wanted entertainment. Thus, he joins the long list of carpet baggers selling out the relationship issues of black women to make a quick buck. We see you Dr. Drew.

I know from yesterday’s comments, most of you weren’t too keen on the show in the first place, but how do you feel about it now? Is Dr. Drew dead wrong for bringing YouTube stars on his show to discuss issues between black women and black men?

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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