What Do You Do When His Potential Isn’t Manifesting?

May 30, 2017  |  

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So there’s this guy… You’ve been dating him consistently and you like him. He can hold an intellectual conversation when needed, he’s attentive, good-looking and funny. He’s ready to be in a full-fledged relationship with you and even says he’s fallen in love with you. The problem is his ambition in life doesn’t quite give you goosebumps. Now you’re trying to figure out if moving forward will set you back. Here are a a few good reasons to keep it moving.

  1. He was idle when you met him. Have you ever heard the saying how you start is how you finish? If you meet a man who hasn’t had a steady job in quite some time, this is a good indication that he’s not a go-getter. Unless he’s been freshly laid-off, there’s no reason for a man to not have an honest job until he lands the one he desires. He shouldn’t have a problem with  flipping burgers while he waits for the post office to complete his background check. If he does, then clearly he’s lazy.
  2.  He’s preoccupied with really minute things. If your potential beau talks more about trivial things than his goals, it’s probably because he’s content with where he is in life. If he never mentions anything pertaining to personal development, do not take yourself off the market for this guy.
  3. He’s got big ideas and no plans. On the flip side, you could be dealing with a man who is always talking about what he wants to do and achieve. The problem is that’s all he’s doing. What steps is he taking to get where he wants to be? He can’t get accepted into a college he hasn’t applied to. When is he going to fill out the application? All this talk could be a guise to stall you.
  4. He has a negative outlook on everything. It’s impossible to walk in your purpose when you always see the glass as half empty. A man who always has an excuse or complaint will not push through on his purpose when the going gets tough.
  5. You wonder if you’re his crutch. If you are in a better position than the guy who’s interested in you, and  wonder if he needs to be with you rather than wants to be with you, it’s time to move on. Sometimes people use relationships as a cure for their inadequacy.
  6.  He can’t save you. If you lost everything you have today-job, house, car, sanity, etc., could he fill in the missing pieces? Or would you have to call your next of kin for a place to stay? If you can come into the the relationship with some stability, then why can’t he? A team is only as strong as its weakest link.
  7. His past relationships were with basic women. What kind of women is he used to? If all his past relationships were with not-so-motivated women that allowed him to just coast through life, you definitely need to think about the repercussions on your future relationship.

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