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So the other day, I was clicking through one of the gossip websites, looking at pictures of a pregnant Beyoncé  taking a “casual” stroll down the street, in 4 inches stiletto heels and I got to thinking: Damn, her feet must really hurt.

Seriously, around four or five months pregnant, her body parts including ankles are probably on extra-swell and yet here is Beyoncé , gliding down the street in one killer pair of heels as if this is normally how pregnant women walk down the street.  I sat staring at the picture, imagining the internal dialogue of what she might have been thinking. It went something like this: “Dang, if these cameras weren’t following me everywhere, I would be rockin’ a nice pair of flip flops or Air Maxs right now.”

But that is the life of a Superstar Diva. We, as commoners, take for granted the ability to throw on a pair of sweatpants and a baseball cap whenever we feel less than Sasha Fierce. However, when you are the Queen of Pop, often times your wishes and desires play dead last to the undue pressure of looking fab and glammed up for the public – even when you much rather be in a pair of sweatpants.

So then, I can kind of understand why Beyonce’s new video for the song Party seems so contrary of what we should expect from her at this moment in her career.  In what has humorously dubbed as a video overrun with “sexed-up trailer park hipsters,” Beyoncé uncomfortably plays out the role of a brightly-colored “party girl” at some sort of backyard pool party, which just so happens to be filled with young kids, maybe after Prom night or something. She’s rocking a bright fur coat, door knockers, underwear as pants and a giant bow.

Oh and there is also an Albino. Like what the hell is that about? But anyway, despite the bravado of how much she likes to party, Beyoncé  really isn’t partying. Instead she is just glumly lounging around on an inflatable raft inside the pool, pumping her fist in the air at the appropriate “speakers knocking” part of the song, while everyone pretty much gets drunk, hooks up and parties around her.  In fact, during the entire video, Beyonce is pretty much absent from the actual festivity. She is either locked away in the bathroom, faking like she is doing her makeup, pretending like she knows how to cook eggs in the kitchen or sitting on the porch in front of the trailer park, as if she is waiting for her ride to take her home.  It would appear that her sister Solange, who is also at this party paradise, is really enjoying herself compared to Beyonce, who throughout the video must fake a smile to mask the pain of how much fun she is not really having here.

The whole scenario wreaks of the faux enthusiasm you are forced to put on at the your workplace’s team-building workshop, when your boss says, “Isn’t this Fun?”  And you’re like: “Whoohoo” but it’s a more sarcastic, secretly-I-hate-you-guys-but-I’ll-do-anything-for-my-paycheck- type of whoohoo.  Yeah that’s how she looked. Perhaps her overall forced enjoyment of her “party” has something to do with being at a shindig reserved for teenagers or Rihanna. Yeah, I can definitely see Rihanna at that party but Beyonce, who turned 30 this year and is expecting her first child?  Not so much. And that is when the internal dialogue kicks in again and in between mouthing “partaye, aye, aye…” I can almost hear her say, “Seriously, I wish these damn kids would get off my lawn.”

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