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In a new column “Dating While Woke,” Jehan Roberson shares her bizarre dating experiences in New York City. If you missed the first installment, “RIP Fred Hampton.” You can read it here. 

This heap of special was someone I met during what my roommate and I called Septinder.

Half playing, half serious, we had decided to dedicate the entire month of September to trying our luck on Tinder before deleting the app altogether. Enter “Got Justice?”

This question was at the top of his profile and, while I thought that it was a little much, I appreciated his commitment to social justice. And he was cute so I thought why not?

We matched and began messaging back and forth. The first time he made me raise my brow was when his second or third message to me was “Are you going to (insert protest) in DC? There’s a freedom bus headed down over the weekend.”

Y’all, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think about going. Thirsty, I know. But hey. However, it dawned on me that maybe a protest wasn’t the best place to get to know one another. I told him I couldn’t make it to DC but that we should find a time when he was back in the city.

He kept suggesting rallies, community meetings. I suggested drinks or a quick dinner. I kept thinking damn, don’t woke people need to eat too? Finally, I suggested we go to a free event at the Schomburg Center. He agrees and at long last we have a date. I thought education and music. Should be good!

He never showed.

Even worse, he never messaged. The event started at 7pm. I arrived around 7:15, hoping to see him out front as we’d agreed. I couldn’t find him so I messaged him again. And I waited. 7:30, 7:40 rolled around before I decided to go in and have a good time by myself. Which I did.

Afterwards, around 11pm, he messages me back with a lame, “Oh hey sorry. I got my days switched up. Let’s try it again soon.”

I didn’t respond and neither did he.

About a week or so later while catching up with a friend and sharing horror stories about online dating, she says, “Girl I just had this HORRIBLE date with a guy. He calls himself a social justice warrior but I actually think he gets off on protesting or something. It’s the only thing he can talk about. His profile actually said “Got Justice?” She rolled her eyes.

I gasped and immediately pulled out my phone. I show her his profile “Is this him?”

She screams “Oh my god! You matched with him too?! Did y’all go out?!” I told her the story about him standing me up and she screams again. “That’s where we went! We were at the Schomburg! It was actually his idea!”


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