Were You Offended By Katy Perry’s Wack Joke?

May 1, 2017  |  

Over the weekend, I hard the audio from of a video on social media from my phone. Whoever was speaking, said, “Oh someone says ‘I miss your old black hair. Aww, really. Do you miss Barack Obama as well? Ok. times change. Bye.”

The voice didn’t sound familiar. I just knew it was someone White and assumed it was a layperson, a Trump supporter who was trying to start some foolishness on the internet. But when I asked my sister who that was, she said it was Katy Perry.


I was disgusted one because I thought she was better than that and also because I can’t, for the life of me, think about a valid reason to ever say it.

Still, that was as far as I went with it. I rolled my eyes and went on about my business. But later that day, I saw that the internet had a bit of a stronger reaction. They were livid, Katy Perry was declared canceled and quite a few people swore off buying her music in the future.

For example: theblaquemuseIf said: “you can’t equate that she only referred to Obama because he is black and she did that sh*t in a very condescending way then you missed it… it’s a microagression and black people gotta experience that sh*t everyday and yet last week she had goddess braids going down the sides of her head smh I cannot 🙄”

But there are also folks who felt like Black folk were blowing things out of proportion.

Latavia Roberson left a comment on The Jasmine Brand’s posting of the video, saying:

“There’s nothing offensive about it. People try so hard to be a victim lately.”

Someone had a response for Ms. Roberson.

stephnysee @iamlatavia “using the analogy “Do you miss Obama as well?” …”Times changed”? With the current climate of racism from Trump serving as president how can one use such reference to make a joke about that. Not only is it tasteless, it makes light of how times HAVE changed for the worst, building walls, deporting documented citizens back to countries that are in war zones, bombing third world countries…even if you don’t capture the racism in this joke, isn’t it our job as human beings to educate people on how to look at these situations as serious? If we continue to let things slide and defend this ignorance by saying don’t be too sensitive when will people like her ever get it? She should respect the culture and world around her! Times have changed but it’s nothing to joke about. And not for nothing her hair dye job looks horrible she needs to go back to black. #epicfail”

I have to agree.

What do you think about Katy Perry’s comments? Were they offensive or are people blowing them out of proportion?

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