Black Love: Actors Dulé Hill And Jazmyn Simon Are Engaged!

April 21, 2017  |  
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Yay for Black love! We’re happy to announce that actors Dulé Hill Jazmyn Simon have made it official and are set to tie the knot. The “Ballers” actress shared the news via her Instagram page and from the looks of things, the proposal included a hot air balloon, champagne and an emphatic and resounding “yes.”

From the looks of things, Dulé popped the question on Good Friday. As with any couple, we have to know how they met. Thankfully, Jazmyn shared the story on “Home & Family” last August.

“I met Dulé at lunch. I was supposed to be in Miami for two days to shoot the “Ballers” pilot and my two days turned into two weeks because I was at the end of the second day and my scene got bumped. And when it gets bumped it goes to the end of the schedule. So I packed two days worth of clothes and I was there for two weeks. And one day, I was so bored towards the end of the two weeks, and I went to lunch. I called and said can someone pick me up for lunch on set. So they come and pick me up. And Dulé had just traveled in for that one day because he was doing a play on Broadway called After Midnight. So he was only off on this Monday. So he came and I went to set, it’s just me and him at the end of the table. And I said, ‘Oh I know you. You’re Dulé!’ And I went and we exchanged numbers and the rest is history.”

If you’ve seen the cast of “Ballers,” you know that it’s a male-dominated environment. Jazmyn is literally the only woman. So nearly a year after their initial meeting she and the cast had become like family. As such, when the group was attending an event, she said, “I’m surrounded by all of my brothers. I love you guys.”

And Dulé leaned in and said, “I’m not your brother.”

Jazmyn said, “He had been trying for all those months but he just wanted to make it very clear. ‘I’m not your brother.’ And I was like ‘You’re going to be my boyfriend aren’t you.”

As far as what the other men on set thought about him, Jazmyn said, “They are so protective of me but they all adore Dulé. Like Dulé is a guy’s guy. He’s just a stand up individual so it’s hard not to love him. And so, honestly about six or seven months into him pursuing me, Donovan Carter, he’s like, ‘Please give Dulé a shot. Just give Dulé a shot.’ So they’re all for it. They love him and our relationship hasn’t changed so they don’t mind.”

As for the reason Jazmyn made Dulé wait for nearly a year she said she didn’t want to mix business and pleasure.

“It was my first series so I was like, ‘that is a bad precedent to set’ that I date the first guy I meet at lunch’ on my first series. And so he worked for it. And he told me, ‘I’m very patient.’ And I was like ‘Alright, crazy man.’… Friend zone fail. Best decision I ever made.”

In addition to trying to be professional, Jazmyn also took her time dating Dulé because she had been in a couple of bad relationships and she wanted to ensure that the next one went differently.

“And at the end of one relationship, I gotta be clear with God what I want because this is not what I want. And so I made a list of 10-12 things that were really important to me, not wants but needs, things that I needed from a partner. And Dulé is literally everything on that list. The first one has a relationship with Jesus, the second one was loves me. He does. The third one I think was makes me laugh, very smart. I don’t know, nevertheless, everything on my list, he was. And it took me time to realize that everything that I wanted, was right there.”


You can watch Jazmyn’s full interview in the video below.

You can check out pictures of the couple over the years on the following pages, they’re pretty adorable.

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