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October 29, 2011  |  
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With October 31st just around the corner, kids all over the country are getting ready to transform into little goblins, witches and Disney princesses. Meanwhile, many of us full-grown adults will also be donning costumes and partying like we don’t have a care in the world.

As you pick out your outfit in hopes of having a ‘wicked’ night, we advise that you avoid the following costumes in the name of good taste and good times…

Amy Winehouse

Considering the circumstances of her tragic death and just how much people joked about her drug-altered appearance when she was alive, we think a Winehouse get-up is tacky. Even worse: dressing up as her ‘ghost’. Don’t do it. No, no, no.

Osama Bin Laden/Muammar Gaddafi

Speaking of the recently deceased, there isn’t much humor to be found when examining the life of these two controversial figures, so please don’t make light of their deaths with “funny” post-mortem costumes.

Any Ill-Fitting Costume

Stores everywhere have racy costumes for women: “Hot cop”, “Hot nurse”, “Hot brain surgeon”, “Hot mail lady”, etc. However, most of these costumes come in generic sizes (S, M, L, 1X) as opposed to the 6, 8, 10’s we usually wear. That said, please don’t squeeze into a polyester “Hot Ghostbuster” onesie that doesn’t fit. It’s not Hot if you are busting out or swimming in it, so if they don’t have your size, just find something else to wear.


Considering that we ALL know that Christopher Columbus helped to steal this country from its native inhabitants, we are a bit confused as to why folks find it cute to don a feathered-headband and long braids as “Hot Pocahontas” on Halloween. Have some respect.

Casey Anthony, Amanda Knox or any other accused/convicted killer

We have a sense of humor, but there is a limit. There’s nothing funny about a dead toddler or college student, so let’s not make light of their murders in the name of holiday fun.


These are highly revered religious servants, not a running joke. And nun costumes are extremely lame and lazy, btw.

Anything too Hot

If you don’t have the courage to wear a tight top and knee boots the other 365 days of the year, then just wear the outfit of your dreams and say that you are dressed as your uninhibited secret twin sister. But just please, please stop trying to make EVERYTHING Hot just to get away with showing skin.

Anything That Might Get You Fired

The office Halloween party is a time to let your hair down…with reason. If your boss seems a little bit too conservative to appreciate your “Hot dental hygienist” costume, then you should save it for the Saturday night party with your friends instead.

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