Are You Making Your Allergies Worse?

April 21, 2017  |  
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Seasonal allergies are worse than ever this year, with many states reporting more tree pollen than usual, and plenty of people going to the doctor believing they have a cold or flu, when it’s just allergies. Of course, it’s not just allergies. In some ways, a cold or flu is better because at least it has an expiration date of about four to ten days. Meanwhile, allergies can plague a person for months on end and feel just as exhausting and uncomfortable as a cold or flu. It’s not uncommon for people to stay home from work or skip out on their usual activities because their allergy symptoms are just that bad. Unfortunately, taking some of the more common medications for allergies every day for weeks on end isn’t very good for your body, so you need to tackle allergies in a more natural way. The question is, are some of your habits actually making your allergies worse?

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Taking sedatives

There are a lot of good over-the-counter medications out there, but some of them are sedatives. While these can alleviate your itchy throat, watery eyes and runny nose, they’ll also knock you out and make you incapable of doing anything.







Staying home

Staying home from work doesn’t make your allergies worse, but it doesn’t make them better and since allergies aren’t contagious, there’s no need to spare your coworkers of your presence. Missing out on work may just cause you stress, and stress exacerbates all physical ailments.






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Getting in bed in today’s clothes

Ideally, you should be changing clothes every time you come indoors so as not to drag allergens around your home. You definitely should not get into bed in the clothes you wore while walking around that day.



It's Shady Out There Sometimes

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Failing to wear sunglasses

Even if it isn’t sunny out, if allergens get into your eyes, you’ll pay for it later. Wear sunglasses anytime you go outside during allergy season. You can even add a hat for extra protection.



Neglecting to get tested

Allergy specialists exist for a reason! They can determine what is causing your symptoms to flare up, and in many cases, can give you a vaccine that can nearly eliminate your symptoms.





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Failing to vacuum

If you have allergies and you don’t have a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) vacuum yet, it’s time to get one. If you have a pet, you should be using your vacuum at least once a week to pick up all the pollen your animal drags indoors.







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Jogging in the morning

The pollen count is particularly high in the morning, so if that’s when you like to workout, stick to the gym or indoor activities.








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Leaving your windows open at night

Speaking of morning pollen, it can easily find its way into your home when you leave your windows open. Yes, even if you have a protective screen. Pollen is tiny enough to go through insect screens.








You need all of your airways in the best working conditions possible when you have allergies. Smoking only makes it harder to breathe and you don’t need that right now.








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Having hot liquids

Since allergies can feel like a cold, you may be tempted to treat them like a cold by consuming things like hot soup and tea. But the steam of these items can actually irritate already inflamed nostrils.








Not sleeping enough

Sleep-deprivation didn’t cause your allergies, but it could be the thing that sends them over the edge and into a sinus infection. If you are already suffering from allergies, get enough rest since your system is now vulnerable.







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Drinking alcohol

You absolutely can’t touch the stuff if you’re taking a sedative medication. Furthermore, alcohol can inflame tissues in your nose and throat, making allergy symptoms worse.








Waiting too long to address the problem

Do not wait for symptoms to attack; when you know allergy season is here, start taking your antihistamines before your histamines rise. Your body can better combat allergies if it has antihistamines in your system before pollen count goes up.





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In case you needed another reason to drop a few pounds, eating too much can cause acid reflux, which can actually harm your lungs, making allergy symptoms worse.



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Failing to get a HEPA air purifier

If you have a pet, you really cannot live without a HEPA air purifier. Keep in mind that pets carry a type of dander that lingers in the air for a long time.







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Neglecting to purchase dust mite items

Dust mite bedding covers! If dust mites trigger your allergies, then you need dust-mite-proof pillow cases and mattress covers, ASAP. Otherwise, you’re just lying down in a pile of allergies at night, and will wake up with terrible symptoms.







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Letting your pup kiss you

People often believe they’re allergic to their dog’s fur but it’s actually the pup’s saliva that can carry the most allergens! So stop letting Fido kiss you on the face.







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Eating pickles

Actually, any fermented food will make your allergies act up. The yeast involved in the fermentation process actually produces histamines, which will make allergy symptoms worse.







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Snacking on celery

People who are allergic to grass shouldn’t eat celery, so if celery sticks and peanut butter are your go-to snack, it’s time to switch it up. This stalky vegetable interacts with pollens similar to those found on grass.



Eating blue cheese

Not only can dairy inflame airways for some people, making allergy symptoms worse, but blue cheese, in particular, contains the all-mighty and evil histamines.

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