The Questions You’re Embarrassed To Ask Your Doctor, Answered

April 19, 2017  |  
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Wouldn’t it be amazing if our doctors could know all they need to know, just through simple blood tests and x-rays? Unfortunately, that’s just not how it is: you have to provide information, ask questions, and give your doctor some insight into your life. Whether we like it or not, if we’re going to get all the information we need from our doctors, we simply have to give them a peek into our behaviors, thought patterns, vices, and routines. And while they shouldn’t outwardly judge us (though many of them do), we know they’re internally thinking something when we tell them that we sometimes eat peanut butter and popcorn for dinner. And that’s just the mild stuff. Here are the questions you don’t want to ask your doctor, answered.

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Is there such thing as having too much sex?

Because you’ve been having a lot of it, and you just want to make sure that you don’t—you know—permanently get stretched out down there. Or that it doesn’t increase your risk of things like urinary tract infections. And if it does, how do you keep having as much sex, and prevent UTIs?

There isn’t really such thing as having too much sex. If you’re enjoying it and it feels good, then you’re properly lubricated, and that’s great! You should, however, clean up down there before and after sex, and take cranberry capsules to prevent UTIs.


What’s the most alcohol I can drink?

Real talk: your girl likes to party. But your girl also doesn’t want liver damage, so she’s wondering how many cocktails can she really get away with each week, without hurting her health?

Women should have around 14 “units” of booze each week (one and a half bottles of wine makes up 14 units) and should take two full days off of drinking per week.



How do I treat hangovers?

Did we mention your girl likes to party? It sure would be nice if a real, trained, medical professional could tell you how to treat hangover symptoms because your Internet research isn’t helping much. Most doctors will tell you there’s nothing like lots of water, over-the-counter pain medication, some mild food (like crackers or rice) and more sleep.



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What’s the most fast food I can eat?

Yeah, yeah, you know—you shouldn’t technically touch the stuff. But you love it! Here’s the thing: you should be limiting your saturated fats, red meat, and sodium, and that includes from all sources of food, fast or not. So if you can keep your intake of those items within your doctor’s recommended limits, then you can eat fast food.

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Can I be addicted to laxatives?

Because you struggle with occasional constipation and take laxatives a few times a week. The quick answer is yes, because you may mentally tell yourself, “I cannot poop without laxatives” and that stress can constipate you. The longer answer is that suppositories do not appear to interfere with your body’s natural ability to have a bowel movement as much as oral laxatives do. Oral laxatives should be taken only when severe constipation occurs.

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Why can’t I poop?

There could be a number of reasons you cannot poop. You may not be getting enough fiber, or you could be eating too much fiber. There is also a chance you don’t keep regular sleep hours, and this disrupts your digestive system. You also may be eating something you’re allergic to. Your doctor can conduct various tests, depending on the information you provide about your diet and lifestyle.




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Why can’t I stop pooping?

While constipation is certainly concerning, chronic diarrhea is far more dangerous as it can lead to dehydration, and could be a sign of a serious condition like colonic cancer, Crohn’s disease, colitis, Celiac disease and more. You need to discuss this with your doctor.

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Why does my vagina smell?

Certain foods (like onions and garlic) can produce a smelly vagina. You may also have an untreated yeast, bladder or UTI infection. Douching may also cause your vagina to over-produce certain odor-causing bacteria.

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Why aren’t I horny?

If you’re in a perfectly happy relationship and are very attracted to your partner, but your sex drive drops, it can be confusing and upsetting. This may be due to a hormonal imbalance that comes from aging, it may be a result of some medications you’re taking, or there may not be a physical reason—it could be mental, in which case, you should seek counseling.




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Why do I smell?

Well, what do you smell like? Look out for sweet-smelling sweat, since this could be a sign of diabetes. Body odor is perfectly natural, but you should see a doctor if you start sweating profusely, even when it isn’t hot out and you aren’t doing something active, or if you suffer from night sweats. These can be symptoms of thyroid disease, liver or kidney disease, or menopause.






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Is anal dangerous?

So you and your partner want to try some backdoor action. Your doctor would suggest you use plenty of lubricant and start slowly (maybe with butt plugs). If you don’t take these precautions, the area might tear, which can make you vulnerable to infections.





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Why am I so gassy?

Everybody farts, so, first off, don’t worry if you’re just mildly gassy. You should know what a normal level of gas is for you, and talk to your doctor if that changes. Excessive gas is typically a symptom of irritable bowel syndrome or a food allergy.






Is there a safe way to grow my breasts?

No, sorry. All of these pills and lotions that claim to grow your breasts can actually be quite harmful. You can grow your breasts by putting on weight, becoming pregnant, breastfeeding, or getting implants. But there is no magical, non-surgical method.




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Could I be allergic to semen?

Yes, you can be! There are many documented cases of women being allergic to their partner’s semen. If an area of your body itches, swells up and burns rapidly after coming into contact with semen, there is a good chance you’re allergic to it.






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What’s the best lube for women?

A water-based lubricant can be used with condoms, will not stain your bedding, and is easy to wash off of your skin, reducing your chances of getting a urinary tract infection.






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My partner has herpes; how do I not get herpes?

First off, eliminate sexual contact when your partner’s symptoms are flaring up—this is when the condition is most contagious. Do not let your partner perform oral on you when he has a cold sore, and do not perform oral on him when he has active warts on his penis. Always use condoms.



birth control pills


How bad is it if I miss a pill?

So you’re a bit sloppy with the pill, huh? If that’s the case, then you want one with a higher dosage of hormones. These remain rather effective, even if you don’t take them at the exact same time each day. Lower-hormone pills, however, should be taken at the same time each day to prevent pregnancy and to prevent spotting.






Why do I pee so much?

If you do not experience any pain, itching or burning when you pee, and you actually release a lot of fluid, then you likely just drink too many fluids! It’s often as simple as that. If, however, you experience the aforementioned symptoms when you urinate, and/or do not produce much urine even when you feel the urge to go, see a doctor. This can be a sign of a bladder or urinary tract infection, a cyst or other conditions.


Is it okay that I don’t wear underwear?

Yes and no; while that air can be good for your lady parts, you also put yourself at risk of exposing your genitals to bacteria from public benches, public transportation and so on. You also run the risk of the back of your bottoms adjusting forward, transferring bacteria from your rectum to your vagina. If you want to give your vagina some air, only go commando at home, or while you’re sleeping.



Why do I feel depressed?

Bringing up the topic of depression can be frightening, but it’s very important. Your doctor needs to determine if it’s a symptom of a physical condition, or if he needs to refer you to a counselor.

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