Are You Not Entertained? Why Reality TV Needs A New Formula

April 21, 2017  |  

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I have never watched an episode of Bad Girls Club, so I am not sad that the show is calling it quits after 17 seasons. I’ve seen a few clips here and there of past episodes and I just wasn’t intrigued enough to tune in consistently. The same goes for every franchise of Basketball Wives. My favorite guilty pleasures have always been Real Housewives of Atlanta and Love & Hip Hop–in their early years. Now, reality TV is just frustrating to watch. The average person may say “Well, if it’s so frustrating to you, stop watching.” Nope! I’d rather the producers make it better for those who like to watch such programming, instead of playing with our intelligence.

Put a bunch of women from different walks of life in a room and conflict will happen naturally, so there’s no reason for these shows to be so mundane in the writing.  Here’s my two cents about what viewers are tired of seeing.

  1. That’s My Storyline and I’m Sticking To It. These shows are supposed to reflect reality, so shouldn’t the plots be realistic? Let’s think about it. In what world does a woman who’s new in town and seriously trying to make friends throw shade relentlessly at strangers?
  2. It’s Too Predictable. If a vacation of any sort is planned, we already that know a girl fight is just one dinner away. Whenever someone has a grand opening or a launch party, the uninvited shows up to show out. Isn’t the goal supposed to be to keep viewers guessing what’s next so they keep tuning in?
  3. Social Media Receipts Say Otherwise. On the the small screen you can catch cast members meeting up to do the most random things, like shooting at the gun range and getting cosmetic procedures done. But if you look at their Instagram accounts, the crew love isn’t so obvious. Where’s all the evidence of the “friends” doing stuff together in real life?
  4. Fly By Night Businesses. She by Sheree and Mimi Faust’s maid service are just two of the many businesses we have seen flourish on TV and nowhere else. This prompts me to believe that this spirit of entrepreneurship is all for a storyline. What do these people do to sustain themselves outside of the shows they are on? Let us see that. Or better yet, let us see the progression of these businesses on camera. Even if they fail miserably, it will be interesting to watch and teach someone about how NOT to conduct business!
  5. Rehashing Old Drama To Make New Drama. As mentioned, I have not been keeping up with Basketball Wives. However, I can tell from the advertisements that Evelyn and Tami are going for each other’s jugular this season about the “You were a non-bleeping factor” statement that was made by Evelyn eons ago. We’re over it.

What would you like to change about reality TV?


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