Complicated People To Invite (Or Not) To Your Wedding

April 21, 2017  |  
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You may not think that coming up with your wedding guest list is going to be complicated, but it can actually be one of the greatest points of tension between a couple planning their wedding. In an ideal world, you would have an unlimited budget, and your wedding reception could look like the final scene in “Big Fish” when Ewan McGregor’s character sees every single person he’s ever known and liked. But that isn’t the world in which you’re living, so when coming up with your guest list, you may need to make some cuts that hurt. You also may have to invite some people who you really don’t want there, and who it drives you nuts to spend $70 a plate on. But politics are a real thing, my friend! And you may need to invite that one aunt so as to not divide the families. Here are the most complicated people to invite (or not invite) to your wedding.


Your ex

So you have a good friend, who you dated for a while. You were friends first, and you’re very good friends now. Your fiancé likes him just fine but at the end of the day…your boo would prefer that nobody in the audience has slept with you.




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A parent’s new girlfriend

Your parents don’t exactly get along. Maybe they don’t get along because your dad’s new girlfriend was also his girlfriend while he was with your mother. But he’s legitimately with that GF now so…do you invite her?






Your friend who your SO doesn’t like

You have this one close friend, but your significant other and her have just never gotten along. You can’t image your wedding without her; your SO can’t imagine the big day with her.





Your parents’ friends you don’t know

Your mom insists that it would break her heart if her best friend from college couldn’t witness her daughter’s wedding day. But you barely know the woman!




Distant relatives

These cousins have sent you a Christmas and birthday card every year since you were born, and visa versa. But really, they don’t know what your favorite food is, or much about your personality.





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Your dad raised you for the first ten years of your life, but then your step dad raised you for the following ten. But then your mom divorced your step dad. It would devastate you not to have him at the wedding, but it would really piss your mom off to have him there.


Your neighbors you really like

You know the ones—you walk your dogs together, you barbecue together on the weekends, and you actually share a lot of intimate details with them. But at the end of the day, you’ve only known them for a few months.




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People who think you’re closer than you are

This is one of the toughest ones! The person who calls you one of her “best friends” and really, you forget to invite her to your birthday parties most years.




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Peripheral friends

These are friends that run in your circle—you’re always at the same events—but you haven’t gotten close. In fact, you straight up dislike some of them. But if you don’t invite them to your wedding, you could cause a rift in the group.




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Your fiancé’s frat brothers

He says they’re like family—you say they’re like the guys who break a piece of furniture every time they come over and have no problem hitting on your mom.


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A brand new plus one

Your best friend has been dating a guy for three months. Honestly, you don’t think it’s going to work out and you don’t want to drop $70 a plate on the guy. But you can’t tell your friend that.






Recently divorced couple

What do you do when you’ve been friends with a couple for years, and now they’re divorced or getting a divorce? Who do you invite? Do you invite them both?






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People with lots of little kids

If you don’t want tons of kiddos running around your wedding, pulling centerpieces off of tables and screaming during your bridesmaid’s speech, how do you approach that topic?




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New friends you really like

You have a new BFF! Maybe you know her from Pilates class or work. You text each other every day. You really feel a connection. But you can’t quite justify inviting her because you barely know her.





People who don’t approve of the union

You will have close friends and family members who blatantly do not approve of your marriage. But you have to invite them. Uuuugh that is the worst.

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