Wellness Tips From Women Who Defy Age

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You know those women who just seem ageless? If you really had to think about it, maybe you could guess their age range, but you don’t think about it because they are just so youthful, energetic, happy and vibrant that they aren’t an age—they’re more of a vibration. Then you see women who’ve had everything nipped and tucked and dress the same way that girls in their 20’s do, and yet, you just know they’re much, much older. Why is that? There is some exact science to it, and there are just some habits doctors can’t really explain why they make you look younger, they just do. Do you want to be one of those ageless women? Here are tips from women who defy age.


Never stop being curious

There is no possible way you will ever know all there is to know in this life. Never stop taking classes, reading books, going to seminars, and putting yourself in situations where you can learn. Think about it; students always look young.



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Strength train

After a certain age, some exercises may be difficult on your joints but you can likely still strength train. Strength training boosts your metabolism and improves your balance, two things that, when out of wack, can make you look older.


Don’t stop exercising

Regardless of your body’s limitations, you can talk to your doctor about which exercises are safe for you. Exercising regularly improves your posture, energy, and confidence—three things young people seem to have!

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Eat more of this

Eat more foods containing vitamin A (leafy greens like kale and spinach), vitamin C (kiwi, oranges, broccoli) and vitamin E (nuts and seeds). These will keep your skin looking plump and vibrant and help you fight off illness.

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Get your polyphenols

Polyphenols are anti-inflammatory antioxidants found in things like dark chocolate, flaxseed meal, oregano and green tea. Fighting inflammation in your body can keep your joints and skin in good condition.


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Eat as clean as possible

If it doesn’t come directly from the earth in some capacity, it will suck up your vitality. Your body knows exactly what to do with food that comes from the earth. As for things like processed foods, your body is at a loss and trying to digest them exhausts and drains it.

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Put sleep before all else

Making the leap from getting six hours of sleep a night to getting seven or eight will quickly reduce bags under your eyes and saggy skin. Plus, it will give you more energy, which always makes a person look younger.

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Treat stress seriously

Stress causes inflammation in the body, which can mess up your digestion, the appearance of your skin, your joints and so much more. Do not just accept stress as a part of your life. Remove the stressful things that can be removed, and find ways to feel less stressed about everything else (meditation, yoga, massages…)

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Turn down your music

So as not to harm your ears! Nothing gives away one’s age like a hearing aid, or their total inability to hear what you just said.





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Do yoga

You can usually tell someone is getting older when they start to become stiff. If you have to make a big sound just to get in and out of chairs, you’ll look older. Yoga can help minimize those loud sounds.


Don’t talk about getting older

People usually don’t notice something unless you say something about it. So don’t be one of those people who goes on and on about how you’re getting older.



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If you do one thing for your mouth, floss every single day. Once you develop gum disease, you can be on the fast track to needing dentures. Plus, flossing prevents yellow teeth.

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Be militant about sunscreen

Even if you are just going out in the sun for ten minutes, put on sunscreen. Going out in the sun for ten minutes every day, without sunscreen, adds up to 60 hours of sun exposure a year.


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Be militant about sunglasses

They can protect your vision, so you don’t need reading glasses (which instantly age you!) Sunglasses also protect the very sensitive skin around your eyes from UV damage.



Dress your age; not younger, not older

First off, if you’re 40 years old, then why are you dressing like you’re 60? Stop being so dramatic. Now, that being said, trying to dress like you’re 20 when you’re 40 makes you look 60.

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