Eating Pitfalls To Avoid In A Relationship

April 7, 2017  |  
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Did you know that over sixty percent of couples put on nearly thirty pounds after getting into a serious relationship? That’s a significant number—that’s like a you have to buy all new pants number. And you’ve seen it happen, too; you see the married friends at your high school reunion who you haven’t seen in over a decade. Somehow, the ones who are svelte and in shape seem to mostly be the single ones, and the ones who have, well, changed shape have been married or in a serious relationship for a long time. Something about being in love, feeling secure and getting comfortable just makes those pounds pack on. It’s more than that actually—you do have some agency in the matter. Here are eating pitfalls to avoid in a long-term relationship.



Eating separately

Take advantage of having someone to cook meals with—it’s a fun way to bond! If you spend time looking up recipes, chopping vegetables and waiting on oven times, you will appreciate and savor your food, eating it slowly because you made it together. If you fall into the habit of eating separately, you’ll probably scarf down some frozen dinner.

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Having alcohol every night

When you’re in a relationship, every night is a social night! And it may feel natural to open a bottle of wine at every dinner, but alcohol contains a lot of calories and tends to make you eat more.

Ordering lots to share

When you go out to eat, or order delivery, you may order four or five things to share, thinking, “This way we get to try a lot!” But you probably end up eating far more than you would’ve if you’d just each ordered your own entrée.

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The buy one, get one free coupons

Food coupons target couples. It seems like every pizza delivery place has some buy one, get one free or buy a pizza, get cinnamon bread sticks half off deal. You may feel you’re saving money by doing this, but if you overeat, you didn’t really save money because you didn’t need that extra food.

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Being fast food partners in crime

Sometimes all it takes is a little encouragement to get in the car and go to the drive-thru! But don’t become one another’s fast food partners in crime. In fact, help one another stop these crimes.

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Buying each other treats

You love your partner, so when you’re at the store, you buy him the cookies and the frozen pizza he likes. Then you end up eating those things with him. If you really love him, buy him carrot sticks.


Mimicking his portions

You most likely do not need the same amount of calories as your partner does. If he is taller and/or more active than you are, then there is no way you need the full rack of ribs, too: stick to the half rack.

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Making food the activity

When it’s time to plan your weekend, don’t immediately get on Yelp to check out restaurants. Food shouldn’t be your main activity—if you put too much pressure on it as your special outing, you’ll likely overeat. Plan other things like going to museums and going on hikes.

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Overbuying because there’s two of you

When you’re grocery shopping for two, you’ll likely overestimate what you need, driving both of you to eat more than you should. Don’t buy four times the bread because there are two of you: buy twice the bread.


Exercising to eat

Hitting the gym at night before getting pizza, or going on a hike on Sunday before having a big boozy brunch, sounds like the perfect day, but it’s not very healthy. Encourage each other to keep up the healthy habits after exercising.

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Weekly delivery

When you split delivery, it stops being so expensive, but that doesn’t change the fact that delivery food will rarely be as healthy as the food you make at home.

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Weekly barbecues

Maybe you have a grill, and you like to have everyone over on Sunday for barbecuing and watching football. But grilling is naturally social and involves alcohol, cheesy appetizers, and more alcohol. If you and boo want to grill, just do it the two of you; don’t make big, social barbecues a weekly thing.

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Thinking, “He’ll love me even if I gain weight.”

Yes, he will! But you shouldn’t be looking for reasons to gain weight. Once you start that, you’re on a downward spiral.

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Eating food instead of drinking water after sex

For some reason, you get hungry after sex! But the truth is you’re probably just thirsty, and it feels like hunger pangs. Drink a big glass of water after sex, and then see if you still want to eat.

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Eating in front of the TV

Pizza and a movie or dinner and your favorite show is the perfect Friday night combination. But it’s easy to eat too fast when you aren’t talking, and you’re just watching something. Eat dinner at the table, and then turn on the TV.

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Eating out a lot

You want to keep date night alive, so you go out to a restaurant every week, but you don’t need restaurants to have a romantic night. Stay home and cook; don’t go out and binge. African American couple tucking into a pizza

Splitting giant items

Like pizza, platters of nachos, whole freezer lasagnas and so on. Big items like that seem so perfect for sharing, but if you were eating solo, there is no way you’d eat half a large pizza on your own.

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Thinking, “If he’s doing it, I’ll do it.”

Group mentality is a dangerous thing. Just because your partner is having ice cream doesn’t mean you have to, and just because he’s skipping the gym doesn’t mean you should. You should encourage him to be healthy, and not the other way around.

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Getting regular perks at a restaurant

If you become regulars at a neighborhood restaurant, then there is a good chance the staff will start sending you free cocktails, appetizers or dessert. Try to decline these when you can.

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Eating something so you don’t waste it

When you and boo both spend money on that mac and cheese, you feel like you’re throwing away his money if you toss it out. So, instead, you eat three servings of it because it’s about to expire. Yikes!

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