The Surprising Perks Of Running A Marathon

March 27, 2017  |  
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If you’re like me, then marathons are just the things that pass by your favorite brunch spot every so often and make it very loud, and very difficult to park. But, you might want to toss your cynical ways aside if you’re wondering what all the fuss is about with these massive, social athletic events. They must be popular for a reason, right? It seems like not only professional runners are getting on board, but even your mom’s friend Sheryl who you thought only liked to embroider pillows with the faces of her grandchildren and gossip is running one. Maybe you should give one a try at some point. If you need a little push, here are the surprising perks of training for and running in a marathon.

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You paid for it

If you need some motivation to work out, how about this; you paid hundreds of dollars to enroll in this marathon, so you may as well train for it now. You don’t get a refund!







Bragging rights

Somehow, you just become one of the more accomplished people in your friend’s group if you run a marathon. People see you as someone who has their life together. I couldn’t tell you why, but it sure is nice.





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You meet ambitious people

Ambitious people tend to run in marathons. CEOs and marathons seem to go hand in hand. Those people usually have a lot of respect for other people who run marathons and may consider hiring you, doing business with you, or writing you a reference letter, all because of the camaraderie you built in this marathon.



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It is cool to see what your body can do

You will truly see how your body becomes capable of running longer and faster with each day. Nothing like training for a marathon lets you see that progress happen so consistently.




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There’s usually a free brunch

There is usually some tremendous free brunch organized for the marathon runners after the big event. And yes, even if you’re one of the last ones to finish, you still get the brunch.






You’ll believe in yourself more

After you’ve trained for and completed a marathon, you just believe in yourself more. This confidence transfers to other parts of your life, like your work and your personal relationships.





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You’ll lose weight

If you’ve tried everything else for weight loss, trying training for a marathon. You have to train, because you already paid, and training is just painful after heavy meals.



You may get fewer colds!

Consistent exercise boosts your immune system. You may find that the cold you get in February each year doesn’t come if you’re training for a marathon.






The free t-shirt

Oh yeah; you usually get a free t-shirt from the marathon. And then you can forever wear that t-shirt to get your mail, walk the dog, or go to the Laundromat, and everyone will ask you about it, allowing you to relive the glory days.





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It helps get you organized

Having exercise scheduled into your day really helps you organize the rest of your life. The more you have to do, the better you become at managing your time.





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You’ll sleep great

You may never sleep as well as you do during the months that you’re training for a marathon. You’ll A) be physically exhausted and B) Feel mentally calm because you’re working towards something.



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It’s for charity!

Most marathons put their submission fees towards charity. So you get in shape, make connections and earn bragging rights, all while supporting a good cause.


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It’s a way to make friends

Making friends as an adult is not easy. You have your work friends, maybe some college friends who are still around, and that’s it. But your marathon training buddies can become full-time buddies.





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You get to see the city

Typically, large boulevards are closed off for the marathon—boulevards you usually just zoom through when you’re driving. You get to see parts of your city up close and personal that you’ve never seen before.





You have an excuse to get out of things

If there is something you don’t want to do on a Sunday (like have lunch with your needy coworker or go to family dinner with your nitpicking parents) you can always say, “Sorry—I’m training for a marathon.” People seem to respect this excuse.

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