Being Mary Jane Midseason Finale: MJ Sacrifices Everything, Including Lee And Kara, For The Anchor Chair

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So here we are, folks. It’s time to talk about the midseason finale (that’s right, the season didn’t come to a complete end this time around). Still, as with all finales, things have to reach a climax, and they certainly do — as does Mary Jane with Justin’s help (literally). Check out all the tea from the Being Mary Jane midseason finale and tune back in to the second half of the series when it returns July 18.

Mary Jane Preps For Her 40th Birthday While Kara Gets Back to Being Alone

You know things are about to go left when someone is sitting with their man but thinking about another man. That’s exactly what is going on when the mid-season finale starts. While brainstorming plans for Mary Jane’s 40th birthday with Kara, Lee makes a poor cake recommendation and remarks that “I’m obviously out of my league” with such a suggestion (it was chocolate cake with white icing by the way). At that very moment, Justin walks into the room via a daydream and says to MJ, “He said it, not me.” She freezes for a moment before remembering where she’s at, and who she’s with.

MJ decides her 40th birthday plans will include a trip to Martha’s Vineyard with Lee and Kara, and Kara has nothing but time to make it happen since her love affair with Orlando ended unexpectedly in episode nine. Mary Jane encourages Kara to try and rekindle things with Orlando, but our favorite producer says “hot blooded Latino men don’t forgive.” MJ says for her birthday, she wants Kara to take a risk when it comes to love for once. But Kara still doesn’t want to fall in love with a young athlete. At least, that’s what she tells MJ and Lee. When they leave her place after drinks and party planning, she’s looking mighty lonely…

Could Mary Jane Be in and Ronda Out?

Back at work, things are going well. Justin is getting Mary Jane opportunities (even if they sound a lot like Kara’s ideas at times). After the morning pitch meeting, they talk about the kiss briefly from episode nine and say it shouldn’t have happened and won’t happen again. As for his new plan for the MJ takeover, Justin says Ronda has been getting sloppy and her story with Liz the so-called victim of Internet bullying wasn’t fact-checked. The woman created the online brouhaha herself for sympathy and attention. So you know what that means: Ronda could be out. In the meantime, MJ’s newest opportunity will provide her with the chance to sit briefly with co-anchor Aaron for a sports story, and the news director will be coming to check her out. Pressure on!


Speaking of Out, Lee’s on His Way Out With Mary Jane…

Back at her hotel room, Mary Jane shares the good news with Lee and he seems skeptical of her trust in Justin. Out of nowhere, Lee is also skeptical of his plans to have a baby with MJ. After being with Zoe, who dived into things with “reckless abandon,” he wants to make sure MJ is actually ready for motherhood. She admits that she initially wasn’t looking to have kids and didn’t think there was time left to do it. But when she met Lee and he seemed more than ready for it and got her hopes all up, she became enthusiastic. So her answer? “I can’t go back.” If Lee is not ready to finish what he, in a way, started, and as she tells him, grow a backbone, MJ tells him they need to be done. When he tells her that she’s run every “man with a backbone” that she wants away, Mary Jane throws Lee’s prized teacup at him. He responds by saying they’re finished.

The Pattersons Have a Special Gift For MJ’s 40th

Back in Atlanta, they’re trying to set up a gift for Mary Jane, bka, Pauletta. They’re all recording short clips speaking on ways they’re following her example in life. Her older brother Patrick talks about how MJ fighting for Niecy after the tasing incident pushed him to be more active in not only helping her but also helping others in the community. As for Niecy, she tells MJ on camera that she is finally getting on her own two feet. She’s gone back to school, gotten a booth at a hair salon, and worked out a babysitting “share” with the mothers of Dante’s other kids so they can help one another. As she puts it perfectly, she’s not all the way together just yet, but she’s “working on it.”

Mary Jane Takes Her Personal Life to Work

Back at work, Mary Jane is falling apart after her split with Lee, crying just before she’s set to have her segment with co-anchor Aaron. Justin asks Kara to come and help her out with whatever is going on as he stalls Garrett and the production crew. MJ says she’s the same person she’s always been, just in a different city, and she’s frustrated by that because it’s holding her back romantically. To make matters worse, her story has been railroaded (thanks to Ronda). The small story she was supposed to do that would connect her with sports fans is being dumped for a wack a– story on emojis. And as she balls in her office, she doesn’t even know it.

Kara tells Justin, inquisitive about why MJ is upset, that she and Lee have broken up. He tells her that MJ’s story has been flipped at the last minute and he’s going to need her help. The two producers work together to get her at her best. MJ gets on air and tries to make the most of the segment, which is pretty much a trash game of “Can you figure out what this emoji is?” Kara and Justin collaborate and help her make the segment more entertaining. Mary Jane manages to shine in front of the news director despite her earlier tears and the weak story subject.

What About Kara?

After the segment, Mary Jane feels better and Justin says he’s going to tell the network heads about Ronda’s story slip-up. MJ automatically feels nervous about the whole thing and he assures her that he will keep her name out of it all. Sounds like a good idea, right? Well, to be honest, this is the moment where I started putting two and two together and worrying. If Ronda’s story wasn’t well vetted, wouldn’t that be considered Kara’s fault and not Ronda’s since she was the producer doing all the research? What could this mean for our favorite producer?

I’ll Cut to the Chase — Mary Jane and Justin Have Sex

Justin talks to Garrett about the errors in Ronda’s Internet bully story. Considering what can be done about such egregious errors, Garrett tells Justin and Mary Jane to lay low for the rest of the day. Justin goes to MJ’s hotel room and they celebrate over drinks (that he makes), and he reveals that he’s kind of been setting up Ronda for months. He claims he pushed an update on the factually incorrect Internet bullying story on Ronda when he realized that MJ “deserved to be in that anchor chair.” They believe that based on the major news network track record, the news director will have no choice but to get rid of Ronda. Buzzed by Garrett, Justin and MJ head to the studio and find out that Aaron is issuing a retraction on Ronda’s story, Ronda is being placed on suspension, and MJ will get to be in the anchor chair, effective immediately.

Celebrating the news, MJ and Justin kiss in the studio. They initially stop, knowing they shouldn’t go there, but then, nonetheless, go all the way there. I’m talking back licking, panty dropping, and wet kisses on the anchor desk. He worked hard to get her there and now he’s getting her off there. Crazy, right?

A Jealous Ronda Takes Kara Down With Her

The next morning, on her birthday, Mary Jane walks in and Ronda prepares to walk out. They run into one another in the hallway and you know Ronda does her best to slander MJ’s accomplishment. She discredits her abilities saying she wishes MJ would have obtained her anchor opportunity “based on merit.” She also tells MJ that our protagonist is in a young woman’s game and running out of time to play it. When MJ strikes back by telling her that jealousy doesn’t look good on the suspended anchor, Ronda breaks the news to MJ that Kara was also suspended for her role in the Internet story. Why? Because Ronda put the blame on her.

Being Mary Jane midseason finale

Down on Her Luck, Kara Returns to Orlando

Mary Jane runs to her ride-or-die friend who is in an office sobbing, a major shift from the dynamics earlier in the episode. Kara tells MJ that it’s clear that Justin has it out for them and that she should watch her back because he was in the room when Kara got the news of her suspension by Garrett. If he wanted to put MJ on, that’s fine, but his behind-the-scene moves have also hurt her immensely.

Currently out of work, Kara’s heart is torn up, and she’s wearing it on her sleeve. The upside to this whole sad situation is that she realizes she has nothing left to lose. She goes to Orlando’s apartment to talk to him, and thankfully, he’s willing to listen.

Being Mary Jane midseason finale

Mary Jane Is Back Where She Belongs

Mary Jane confronts Justin angrily, but he claims he didn’t see Kara’s suspension coming. Now MJ is skeptical of everything and everybody — just in time for the original king of skepticism, Lee, to show up. She isn’t able to talk to him as she has to prep for the air, and you know our girl is stressed.

Some comfort after a shi–y morning comes in the form of that birthday video made by her family. In it, they tell her how she’s inspired them to step up and step out there for one another. With her backbone back in place knowing she has business to do, MJ walks to the anchor chair, half-listens to Justin (who rubs her hair) while Lee watches from a guest room in support, and gets ready to do her thing. Despite all of the melee going on around her, MJ put on her best Colgate smile and ends the episode by saying, “Hello and welcome to ‘Great Day USA.’ I’m Mary Jane Paul.” It may have taken some less than positive moves to make this moment happen, but she’s finally obtained her seat at the table.


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