You Ever Belt Out Song Lyrics With Complete Confidence And Find Out You Were Dead Wrong?

March 17, 2017  |  

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This morning I came into the office telling my co-worker about the Ratchet Zooba workout class I took last night and how they were playing one of New York City’s favorite tracks “Get Yourself a Ringtone.”

“That’s a song?” she asked.

“Yes! You know, “get yourself a ringtone, get yourself a ringtone, get yourself a ringtone.”

“Girl! Shake your tambourine?!”


“Shake your tambourine, go an’ get yourself a whistlin’, those are the words she sang before pulling up the video below. I had no choice but to laugh in total and utter embarrassment at yet another song lyric I murdered.


Messing up lyrics is basically what I do. The first time I knew I had a problem I was in my teens singing “When Doves Cry” in the car with my mom. “Maybe I’m just too demanding,” I belted out. “Maybe I’m just like my father T-bone.”

“What did you just say?!” My mom asked with a tickle in her voice for a reason I didn’t understand.

“Maybe I’m just like my father, T-bone,” I said with the type of confidence that implied why are you questioning me?

For three days straight my mom cried tears of laughter before telling me I’m a total nut and that the actual lyrics to Prince’s classic were “too bold.” To this day, I can’t hear that song without thinking about the fact that I’d nicknamed Prince’s daddy some kind of tattoo-toting tyrant named T-bone.

The only comfort I take in my routine slip ups is the fact that I’m not alone. Just yesterday the co-worker who had to check me on the Eve lyrics this morning asked me if I knew what Kelly Rowland was singing on the chorus of Destiny’s Child’s “So Good.” Both of us came up with some nonsensical jibberish to fill the space after, “Wasn’t it you that said” to the tune of “Bad a boo.” FYI, the real words are “I thought I was all that and you.” And I can’t forget the hilarity when Jezebel exposed that J.Lo was singing “R.U.L.E.” at the beginning of “I’m Real” instead of “Are You Ellie?” as their writer thought, or “Are you early?” like my co-worker. That’s actually one lyric I got right.

But since we’re being open and honest here, tell me which lyrics you murder on a regular and when you found out what you were singing was dead wrong.


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