11 Tips For Real Housewives (Not The Kind Out Of Atlanta)

March 17, 2017  |  

Woman cleaning in her house with a vacuum cleaner

Being a real housewife is not what the girls on BRAVO make it out to be.  Spur of the moment brunches are highly unlikely, no one is rocking designer anything from head to toe and there’s certainly no time for foreign vacations in the middle of the week! There are responsibilities called work, family, bills, and self-care that can really take a toll on your time management. Here are some pointers to help you make the most of your time while handling business at home.

  1. Rise early, shine surely. Waking up early requires a certain discipline, but it’s worth it. If you’re the type of person who always complains about there not being enough time in the day, try waking up no later than 7 AM to get more done. If you’re not a morning person, practice becoming one. Anything can become a habit.
  2. Plan your week on Sunday evening. I’m going through something called “mental pause.” That means my brain stops working at any given minute and I forget all responsibilities. Planning what your week needs to look like in advance can help you stay on top of things. Make a list or post sticky notes in places you can’t miss them—like Mary Jane does!
  3. Eat on time. You’ve seen the Snickers commercials. When you’re hungry you’re not quite yourself. Not eating properly warrants irritability and sluggish behavior. So to make the most of your day, fuel up on breakfast and eat smaller portions of food throughout the day. Working all day and waiting until your stomach sounds like Teen Wolf will only make you overeat and cause weight gain.
  4. Put the phone down. How can something that was made to be helpful be such evil at times? Avoid surfing social media sites and liking pictures during your work day. Checking one direct message can inadvertently become 90 minutes of lost time. Try putting the phone on vibrate and only check it after you’ve completed whatever task you’re working on.
  5. Check emails at a certain time every day. It is very important to respond to emails in a timely fashion, but it can also be a distraction. Checking email at the end of your work day will prevent you from letting unread emails pile up.
  6. Move your body. Exercise is a must for a happy, healthy life. There is no getting around it. Find a workout routine that you enjoy and watch how much extra energy you’ll have to slay the day.
  7. Leave room in your schedule for regular life. That means you’re bound to get a phone call about picking your sick child up from school or having to go grocery shopping. Leave a 2-hour gap in each day that allows you to be flexible, should you have to.
  8. Automation rules the nation.  Can your fixed bills be automated? If so, take advantage of autopay for bills that are the same price every month, like your wi-fi and cable.
  9. Evaluate all favor requests. Before you say yes to any favors from anyone seeking help, ask yourself a few questions. Does this favor have to be done right now? Am I the only one who can do it? Is this person someone I could ever rely on? How would this favor hinder my progress?  This is not to be petty, but to use your time wisely and avoid resentment later.
  10. Keep several calendars on deck. With all the technology we have, it seems a good old-fashioned paper calendar is outdated, but it’s not. They are some really cute, sister-girl-inspired designs you can purchase online. Keep one in your purse and one on your wall in addition to using the calendar app on your phone.
  11. Assign duties to your children and spouse. If your kids are old enough to do things like clean their rooms and take out the trash, give them such responsibilities. They shouldn’t be allowed to leave the house messy just because mom can clean it. The same goes for other able-bodied adults in the house.

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