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I know Beyonce told you that girls ruled the world but I’m telling you that you have the ability to rule your own world. You see many of us forget that we have the power to create the life we want. We have total control of our decisions, choices, actions and behaviors. Anything we want we can have – you just have to believe it and go after it.

Ladies, I can’t stress this enough – stop giving your power away to others by allowing them to dictate the circumstances of your life. We have a bad habit of releasing our power and letting our emotions rule, especially when it comes to men and relationships. Our hearts take over our heads and we lose our minds (literally). Somehow we lose our position as “King of Me” and become “King of We”. We lose sight of our individuality and allow someone else to be the cause and effect of our pain and unhappiness. We forget that we have a choice to say yes or no to anything. The truth is you can’t blame anyone else for the state of your being. And you know what else? If you don’t want to deal with drama, you can always leave the relationship. If you don’t want to be somebody’s second choice, you can be somebody’s first. If you don’t want to struggle and live in poverty, go educate yourself for better job opportunities. You don’t have to remain in any situation that is not providing you with your needs. I’m still not sure why we are afraid of change but comfortable with complacency….smh

Guess what? You are in charge of your own happiness.  Someone can add to your joy but no one can give it solely or take it away from you. If you ever feel lost in any situation or begin to feel like you don’t have any control, remember that I told you woman to woman – you’ve got the power.


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