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Despite the stereotypes, baby mamas do not solely represent the uneducated and emotionally disturbed sector of the gender. That stereotype is aided by the tenuous relationships between baby mamas and baby daddy. Things are naturally primal where our children are concerned and at times, your relationship with your baby’s daddy can reach the surreal.

Before you know it, you’ve unwittingly slipped into a black and white Twilight Zone episode we like to call: the baby mama dramazone. Is it a drug? Is it a place? Hard to say. But it sure isn’t easy to avoid.  In part, it’s hard wired into who you are as a nurturer, a giver and a woman. Mix in a little ego, where no man is going to get the best of you and walk away like it’s nothing–well, let’s just say things can pop off like lightning.

In the end, allowing any bit of drama in your world is wrong because it has nothing to do with what truly matters: the well being of your children. Besides, what you really want is for the situation between you and the father of your child to be better. A dose of dramazone isn’t going to help.

Before you wake up in a nonsense world where Beyonce is ugly and you and your baby daddy cause each other agony at the child’s expense, take a a good look around for these tale tell signs that you have crossed into the baby mama dramazone.

Your Ego is Front and Center

It stings pretty bad when you have a man’s child and you’re still not good enough to be his wife. Your ego takes a blow and wants to lash out in defense. Only, there’s a good chance your children will get caught in the cross fire. Your ego may even carry that resentment on to your next relationship or worse, dilute your self-worth by making you feel you’re not good enough. Your baby daddy’s unwillingness to be a good father or husband is about how crappy a person he is and has nothing to do with you. Leave your ego out of it, otherwise you could end up in the baby mama drama zone.

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