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So this morning, I was reading one of the gossip sites and happened upon a blurb about Amber Rose appearing on the cover of some magazine. And that got me thinking: why is she famous again?

I mean I get that she was once the woman, who Kanye West trophied around on his arm to award shows and red carpet events but really, hasn’t she expired past her 15 minutes of fame yet?  Others have wondered about that too and in a recent interviews, when confronted about her sudden and unexplained rise to stardom, Rose took exception to the notion that she’s only famous because of who she’s dated. “Kanye was engaged to a girl, he was with a girl for six years…She went to fashion week with him, was photographed everywhere with him, pretty much the same kind of relationship we had, but she didn’t become famous. No one cared about her.” Well, she does have a point.

Amber is a stunning, high-yellow beauty with an hourglass shape that most women – and some men – would kill for. And because of her physical attributes, Rose and her platinum-blonde dome are everywhere. Even after we discovered that she could actually speak and wasn’t just a human-like robot created out of one of West’s dark twisted fantasies, we had been inundated with her image on television and film, on the radio and even in Africa. Overexposed is an understatement. There is nothing left of her, which remains a mystery. Not even her vagina, which we have visited from more angles than should be allowed without first buying a copy of Hustler.

Despite it all, I really don’t have a huge problem with Rose – per se – and in fact, I kind of like her.  Not only is she a fellow Philly girl but she has also managed to go from former exotic dancer, aka stripper, to an international well-paid sex symbol, much in the same vein of Kim Kardashians, Coco (Ice-T’s wife), and all the way back to Marilyn Monroe. All these women began their careers on dubious circumstances.

While the mention of Rose, as well as any of these similarly sex-positive ladies, seems to bring forth a lot of very hostile, even derogatory reactions from folks, consider that in some ways, she is the real life manifestation of the unabashedly feminine, extroverted, sexual being to which we all secretly want to be.

But I would be remised if I didn’t mention what troubles me most about Rose.  No better instance highlights my concerns than the case of the 14-year old girl, who ironically is also named Amber.  You see, after I perused through the gossip site, I went over to my Twitter page, where I began reading tweets about Young Amber, who was video taped at school, in front of a audience of young boys, giving…ahem…blow jobs outside and on the steps of her Atlanta-based middle school.

Not much is known about this young girl, other than speculation that her sexual act had been outed by the recipient of the oral copulation, an ex-boyfriend, who she was desperately trying to “win” back. But now the video of this transgression, as well as young girl’s full name and face have become fodder for the internet.  Songs have been made, celebrities have chimed in and her name became not one, but three trending topics on Twitter. Ironically none of the “young men” in the video have been outed or even named, just Ms. Amber.

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