“Could You Still Breathe?” Bob Whitfield Jokes About Choking Sheree During Their Marriage

March 7, 2017  |  

In a recent clip for the upcoming episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” a discussion about the end of Peter and Cynthia’s marriage, takes a turn for the worse when Sheree reminds Bob of his abusive ways.

Perhaps the conversation would have gone a bit more smoothly if Bob hadn’t tried to made light of the situation making terribly cruel and inappropriate jokes. But that’s exactly what he did and it ended in tears on Sheree’s part.

Sheree says that hanging out after divorce wasn’t happening with her and Bob. “Definitely didn’t work for us.”

He asks, “What didn’t work for us?”

“Once we decided to split,” Sheree says. “You and I wouldn’t be on a trip together like Cynthia and Peter.”

Bob reminds Sheree that after they’d broken up, they took a trip to Vegas together.

“I was driving her and she fell asleep. I was like ‘Yeah, it would be easy for me to take the seatbelt off of you and hit the brakes so she can fly her a$$ through the window.”

Sheree: “He sure did.”

Then Bob starts up with the lies. “I never hit her.”

Sheree nearly caught whiplash looking at Bob in shock.

Bob: “I don’t do that.”

What made matters worse was that this whole conversation was taking place with Kenya and Phaedra in the car.

Kenya chimes in, “That’s not the look she just gave.”

Bob, seemingly confused, asks, “Have I ever physically touched you? Have I ever smacked you, choked you? For real have I? I might have forgotten.”

Sheree says, “You have.”

Bob asks, “Could you still breathe?”

Kenya: “That’s not funny. I’m sorry.”

Bob responds, making a bad situation worse. “I don’t remember choking her but if I did I’m sorry cuz maybe I didn’t choke you hard enough.”

Sheree, appalled by his comments, looks out the window and eventually starts crying. Bob, changing suddenly, tries to grab her hand. She pushes him off of her and Kenya leans forward to comfort her. That’s where the clip ends.

Who knew?!

Obviously, Sheree knows Bob better than we do; but with a history like that and his cavalier attitude towards it, I can’t understand why she was ever contemplating a reunion with him.
You can watch the incredibly tense moment in the video below.

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