Life Hacks For Soon-To-Be College Grads

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Graduating from college will be one of the best things to ever happen to you. You finally get to show the world what you’re made of and make your family even more proud of you. It’s a great accomplishment for young women of color to complete higher education. But are you prepared for life after graduation? Here are some things to consider before the big day arrives:

1.  Start Looking For Job Opportunities Now. You don’t have to wait until you get your degree to decide where you’d like to work. Your last semester of school should entail actively looking for companies that you can apply to. Review job vacancies and get a sense of the requirements needed to do the job. Most employers are willing to interview someone who is a few months shy of graduation.

2.  Practice Makes Potential. It is super important that you get an internship or some experience in the job setting you desire to work in after graduation. Having a degree isn’t good enough because everyone applying for the job has a degree. Set yourself apart from other applicants by gaining as much experience as possible. Get an internship or volunteer to gain experience. Lower-lever employment is also a plus. For example, if you desire to be a Licensed Practical Nurse, working as a nurse’s assistant or a receptionist in a medical setting looks good on your job application because you will have a sense of what the work environment is like, compared to someone who only has a degree.

3. Revamp Your Resume– This can be a tedious task that will make you scream “forget it” if you try to do it the day before it’s needed. Update your resume’ regularly and have someone in the field you seek to be in take a look at it. You never know when the perfect job opportunity will arise. Be prepared!

4. Clean Up Your Social Media Image– Contrary to popular belief, having private social media accounts do not stop employers from spying on you–especially for federal jobs! Refrain from posting anything that makes you look like a bad employee such as drunk pics and using profanity.

5. Start Saving Your Coins– Graduation will be the greatest day of your life and a rude awakening all at the same time! Moving into your own place is costly–moving expenses, utility deposits, furniture, etc. Moreover, if you can’t get your student loans deferred, Sallie Mae will want her money six months after you graduate. Open a savings account or start replenishing the one you’ve been starving.

6. Clean Up Your Credit– If you are over your limit on several cards, it’s time to be more responsible. Students loans in default and a pile of credit cards can ruin your chances of buying a home. Some employers even do credit checks and will not hire you with bad credit.

7. Your Body Will Change– The figure that used to turn heads on campus will start to change after graduation. For one, your physical activity decreases because you’re not walking to class or participating in extracurricular activities as much. Take advantage of the free gym on campus because in the real world a gym membership can cost as much as $80 a month plus enrollment fees.

8.. Friendships Will Change-  After graduation life gets real–real busy! People have children, move to different states, get married, go through life crises, etc. Don’t take it personal.

9. Your Relationship May Not Last- Understand that you and bae may not make it last forever, and that’s okay. Find out what his or her life plans are before graduation to avoid being shocked later.

10. You Can Always Go Home- If you don’t score your dream job immediately or simply have no clue what your next move is after the cap and gown, you can go back to the place where it all started–home! If you really dread the idea of moving back to your hometown but have no other choice, be wise and think about what you can do for a living while you’re there. This may be a good time to start a business or go to graduate school online. Whatever you choose, make it productive!

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