Why You Need A Mentor At All Ages

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Most people associate mentors with their college years, or perhaps that brief awkward phase that comes after college when you’re pretending to be a grownup but still don’t know how to write off tax deductions. But to say there is an age when a mentor wouldn’t be useful is to say that there is an age when you know absolutely everything and have nothing else to learn in this life, and that age simply doesn’t exist. The most successful people will tell you that they have mentors throughout their lives and not only until they gain success. Why? Because they want to keep growing and succeeding. So find them through a referral, a networking group or wherever you can just get a mentor. Here is why a mentor is beneficial at any age.


They can introduce you to people

Your mentor will actually become familiar with your skills and capabilities. If somebody they know needs a referral for somebody with your skill set, your mentor will probably refer you! And if you have a good mentor, a referral from them means a lot.


They know about the personal side of things

They know exactly how your industry affects your personal life; the trials and tribulations, and the parts that your partner or family just won’t understand. They can also help you navigate that.


They can help you appear more experienced

If and when you get opportunities you aren’t quite ready for, your mentor can give you a crash course over the phone or coffee and help you look ready. Once you land the job, they can make sure you stay ready and up to date on what you need to know.


They might take you with them

If your mentor begins their own company or expands their pre-existing company, they may bring you along! They may even ask you to be their second-hand woman because they are comfortable with you and know what you can do.




Your friends can’t relate to your job

You need to have somebody in your life who is familiar with what your life is like. Your colleagues and peers are too much in the thick of things to calmly reflect on your experiences and provide some positive words. A mentor can do all of that.



They see trends changing

A mentor has been in your industry for a long time so they can see trends before they even arrive. This means they can help you make better predictions and better decisions for your career.





They know which investments pay off

They know where it’s worth investing your time and money, and where it isn’t. They are very familiar with the financial trajectory of your life, and they can help you plan accordingly.



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They know a con when they see one

They know the people in your industry who you should stay away from, the opportunities that are too good to be true, and the classes and workshops that are total scams.




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They can be objective

They can see where you need to improve and they can tell you, without the fear of upsetting you that your friends and family are experiencing.





They’re a source of inspiration

Watching your mentor continue to earn more success will be inspiring! When you have moments of doubt, you’ll remember your mentor’s story, and how far they’ve come, and you’ll keep going.


They can boost your reputation

If you get a very reputable mentor, then you instantly boost your own reputation. You are judged by the company you keep, and if your mentor was willing to take you on, people would take note of that.





They can tell you how to de-stress

They know exactly what activities, places, and products can help a person in just your situation de-stress. And you need that.





People will respect that you have a mentor

People respect people with mentors! They respect anybody who aspires always to be learning, growing and pushing their limits.




They can tell you where to put your eggs

They can tell you which parts of your career you should pay most of your attention to. They can even tell you which relationships you should cultivate.



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They’ll recommend books, lectures, classes

They’ll recommend the books, lectures, and classes that helped make them as successful as they are. That way, you don’t need to waste time reading or attending the bad ones.

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