Scam Alert: Signs He’s Only After Your Tax Refund

February 16, 2017  |  

The love of money is the root of all evil. So when it’s time to file income tax returns, women have got to be extra cautious about the company they keep. Even though we don’t file taxes until mid-January, gold digging men start the hunt for extra cash sometime around November. Mr. Goal Digger’s strategy is likely to rekindle a flame or find a new girlfriend before Christmas so he can present the best version of himself during the holiday season. He’ll spend money on a few dates, maybe even show interest in meeting your family for the holidays. You may get a Christmas gift and bring in the new year together. Valentine’s Day rolls around and you get a cute little something—box of chocolates, edible arrangement, a plush teddy bear the size of Shaquille O’Neal, dinner at a fancy place… then February 15th and beyond ushers a few ugly changes in his behavior. Mr. Right goes left and can no longer treat you to the things he used to. Our condolences go out to you sis; he’s about to ask for your income tax refund. Do any of the 5 signals sound familiar?

  1. He is asking for his child’s Social Security Number. Now this is the kid that the two of you had together. The relationship didn’t quite work out, so you went your separate ways. Out of the blue, he’s asking for the baby’s date of birth and social security number… but you can’t recall the last time he’s seen the child! As the father, he should, at minimum, know when his child was born. Something is up with this newfound concern at this time of the year. Our guess is he’s trying to claim the child on his taxes before you do.
  2.  He suddenly hates the job that used to sustain him. According to him, his job is running a close race with an Ivanka Trump sweat shop! The boss supposedly doesn’t like people of color and he’s showing up to work late, or not at all. Yeah… He’s probably getting ready to quit or staging a plot to get fired because he knows Uncle Sam is about to break him, well you, off real proper!
  3. He attends lots of pity parties. His car needs drastic work done. He wishes he could go back to school. His mother really needs to repair her squeaky floors. He hopes he can afford to bring his children on a grand vacation this Sping Break… the list goes on and on. He’s setting an atmosphere of sympathy so that when he does ask for the money, it won’t look so obvious. Or better yet, you’ll feel convicted and just give it to him. Hopefully, you’ll tell him to take those problems to the Lord in prayer and keep it moving.
  4.  You’re not a priority anymore. If you notice that he’s becoming more and more distant, there’s several reasons this could be. Perhaps he’s realized you’re not getting much back from the government as he thought, so he pulled the plug on the whole Casanova act. Or, he’s already received his cut from you—mission accomplished.
  5.  He is getting extra friendly with other women. The wonderful guy who pushed all his homeboys to the side to spend New Year’s with you is now a flirting machine. More and more women are leaving him questionable comments on his Facebook page, the text message alerts are going off like fireworks, and he is taking more selfies than usual for Instagram. In fact, a few people have insinuated that they’ve seen his car at places he normally wouldn’t be. What could all this be about?  It’s because you’re not his only client. He’s finessing multiple women out of their refunds this year. Homeboy is trying to cash out!

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