55% Of People Are Expecting Sex And 9 Other Expectations People Have For Valentine’s Day

February 10, 2017  |  
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Next Tuesday marks that time of year when people go out of their way to show their love for someone (even if they’d rather not). Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day. The day of chocolates, teddy bears, lingerie and sex. Or at least, that’s the expectation for Valentine’s Day plans.

And that’s pretty much the point of all efforts made for Valentine’s Day: to meet the expectations of our loved ones. Toluna Quicksurveys (with the help of SmartSelect) questioned 1,000 people about their Valentine’s Day plans and expectations and covered everything from who most of us are spending the day with and if we’re celebrating the holiday at all. Check out 10 of the revealing highlights from their survey.

The Percentage of People Expecting Sex on Valentine’s Day

According to survey results, when asked their thoughts on the statement, “I expect sex because it’s Vday,” 55 percent of people agreed that they are expecting some tender love and care from their significant other in the bedroom on Valentine’s Day. Twenty percent strongly disagreed with that statement, while 14 percent just lightly disagreed.

How Money Is Spent on Valentine’s Day

According to those surveyed, people plan to spend a pretty penny on their significant other for the holiday. Twenty-three percent of those surveyed said they were planning to spend between $100 and $500 on others. Sixteen percent said they were going to spend between $75 and $100, as well as the same percentage for $50 and $75. Ten percent will spend between $20 and $30 on others, eight percent will dole out between $30 and $40, seven percent will spend between $10 and $20, and three percent will spend just up to $10. For the big spenders, eight percent said they would spend between $500 and $1,000 while five percent plan to spend more than $1,000.

A Majority of People Still See the Point in Celebrating Valentine’s Day

While some people question the purpose of celebrating love on one day each year (“Show love every day!” is the cliché response…), 81 percent of respondents said they plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Nineteen percent said they don’t plan to pay the holiday any mind.


Thirty-Eight Percent of People Plan to Spend the Holiday With Family

Still, 53 percent have plans to spend Valentine’s Day with a romantic interest. And despite Galentine’s Day being the cutest idea (spending the day with the girls), only seven percent are kicking it with the homies.

People Think You Should Have the Day Off on Valentine’s Day

The grief of trying to finish work at a reasonable hour to make it on time to the restaurant for your dinner reservations has people thinking that it would be great if they could have the day off. Almost 50 percent (46 percent to be specific) of those surveyed agreed with this statement: “People should have the day off from work for Vday.” Twenty-seven percent strongly disagreed and 18 percent politely disagreed with the idea.

Sweets Seem to Be the Most Popular Thing to Buy

So what are people really buying the most for their significant other? According to those surveyed, chocolate reigns supreme at 63 percent, dinner is at 43 percent and flowers that folks know they don’t know how to take care of and don’t really want are 39 percent of the gifts from those questioned.


Valentine’s Day Behavior

Of the things people have done on the holiday, 14 percent said they were guilty of calling or texting an ex, 12 percent popped the question with a proposal, 17 percent said “I love you” for the first time to their boyfriend or girlfriend, and 13 percent of folks surveyed admitted they broke up with someone on the holiday. Ouch!

Out of those options, 63 percent said they’d done none of the aforementioned.


Saying I Love You for the First Time on Valentine’s Day Isn’t Corny After All…

When asked if the holiday is an appropriate day to say “I love you” for the first time, 68 percent of people agreed that V-day is the perfect time to drop those three words. Eleven percent of respondents disagreed while five percent strongly disagreed with saying “I love you” on Valentine’s Day.

…And Neither Is a V-Day Proposal

Aside from saying, “I love you,” the survey found that 71 percent of people agreed that Valentine’s Day is an even better day to propose. Party poopers at nine percent and five percent both disagreed and strongly disagreed with the idea.

The Best Valentine’s Day Date of All

While some are hoping to get hot and heavy with their partners on Valentine’s Day, about 68 percent of people actually said that they plan to spend the holiday with their children, allowing them to take part in family V-Day celebrations and new traditions.


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