Gabrielle Union’s Secret To Staying Flawless At 44? Bacon And Lots Of It

February 3, 2017  |  

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The trick to looking and feeling fabulous at 44? Exercise, eat healthy most of the time, but don’t deny yourself the things that bring you joy — like bacon.
At least, that seems to work for Gabrielle Union, who shared her food obsessions as well as her health and exercise practices with Women’s Health. She covers the March issue like a boss:

According to Union, she’s tried all sorts of new fitness crazes and cleanses, and honestly, like most people, they didn’t work for her. Instead, occasional shifts in her intake of dairy, sodium, sugar and carbs (aka, lowering her intake) has been working best as of late. She’s flipped around her way of eating while she stays focused and in shape during filming of Being Mary Jane.

“I tried a cleanse once and lasted a day and a half,” she told the publication. “I was so hungry, I couldn’t function. I have to eat every few hours. I can’t eat a lot after 8 p.m., but to eat nothing from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.? I can’t do that. I’m doing [a different] cleansing diet to get on track while filming Being Mary Jane. I’m eating vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, low-sodium, low-sugar, low-carbs. I feel very focused when I eat like that, and it keeps me lean. I don’t like tofu, and a lot of vegan foods that claim to taste ‘just like spare ribs’ have so much salt and sugar it defeats the purpose. I stick to quinoa, couscous, lentils, brown rice, beans, vegetables, juices, acai bowls, and gluten-free oatmeal.”

With an affinity for all sorts of foods, including Mexican, Indian, Italian and soul food and an obsession with cheese, bread and bacon (“If there were a bacon-scented candle, that would be my dream”), Union can overdo it sometimes. But what has worked for the actress is giving herself a break that day, but making sure to be active the next day.

“If I’ve inhaled some of my favorite foods one night, the next day I boost my water intake to a gallon and a half and just try to move,” Union said. “If I can’t work out, I walk instead of drive, take the stairs rather than the elevator, and keep active.”

But Union said she’s learned to take it easy on herself. As she divulged on Twitter last night, she might do an intense workout and then follow it up with tacos. It may not work for everybody, but for her, she’s learned not take herself too seriously. She chooses not to freak out if she doesn’t work out or if she doesn’t always stick to that quinoa, couscous and acai.

“I’ve learned to be kind to myself,” Union said. “I’m not obsessive about food, like, ‘Oh no, I ate badly, so I have to stay in the gym for two hours!’ At the end of the day, did I enjoy that meal? Hell, yes! Am I going to stress out about it? Hell, no! And, magically, the world doesn’t end because of what I ate.”

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As you can see, staying true to a love of bacon (oh yeah, and all that other stuff you just read) hasn’t done anything but continue her neverending glo-up. The star’s skin, body and smile continue to shine. Check out the behind-the-scenes video from Union’s cover shoot and her interview on how she realized she’s not a group fitness chick:

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